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Accesspay Login

Login to access your account. If you have not registered for Online Access please click here. User ID. Password, Forgotten your password? Login ...

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Home | Advantage

The Advantage App is currently unavailable, to log in to your account please click here. If you require any assistance, please contact us.

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AccessPay is a corporate banking operations platform. Connecting global finance teams to banks and payment schemes to simplify cash management.

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Access Pay

Access Pay Help. Forgot Password? Administrative Module. Comprehensive Corporate and Individual accounts administrative system for managing password and ...

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Access Bank: Welcome to Internet Banking with Accessbank

Loading... Login to your Business Account. Login ID. Password. Forgot Password LOGIN. Register.

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Direct Access. Username is required. Password is required. Log In. Forgot Password? Download MyPay. Go to App store Go to Google Play store.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for AccessPay online?

You can register for online access in five simple steps: Select LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT at the top right hand of the screen. take you to Register for online access. You will receive a confirmation email and need to select the link in this email to activate your online access.

What can I use my AccessPay card for?

The card can be used anywhere Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted to pay for goods and services, including online purchase transactions. Some merchants may choose not to accept prepaid Mastercard cards.

How does salary packaging work AccessPay?

Salary packaging allows you to pay for certain expenses such as your mortgage, rent and other everyday living expenses before income tax is calculated. So you pay less tax and have more money to spend.

How much can I salary sacrifice AccessPay?

You can salary package up to $15,900 of your pay each Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year – 1 April to 31 March – for living expenses. These are usually things you're already paying for, but by including them in your salary packaging, you don't have to pay income tax on this money.

What can I use my salary packaging card for?

Salary Packaging card.
A salary packaging card (living expenses card) allows an individual to use pre-tax income for purchases associated with everyday living such as groceries, clothes, fuel or pay for expenses like utility bills.

How do I activate my salary packaging card?

Activating your card
Once you receive your card all you need to do is activate it and you're on your way. You can easily activate your plastic card via your online account or the AccessPay App. Before activating your card online, make sure you have registered for a online account first.

How do I get my AccessPay statement?

From the salary packaging dashboard select My Transactions. If you choose Download, a PDF statement or Excel spreadsheet will download.

What is AccessPay?

AccessPay offers seamless, cloud-based payment process automation for corporates. For banking operations that are efficient, enhanced, and embedded – no matter the size – you've come to the right place.

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