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1. Epa.gov
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EPA Login


Please create a Login.gov account. ... EPA Single Sign-On Login. Since you are already on the EPA network, you are not prompted to authenticate again. This login ...

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2. Opm.gov
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How do I access and use eOPF? - OPM.gov


How do I access and use eOPF? You must contact your servicing Human Resources (HR) office or personnel department within the federal agency or organization ...

3. Usda.gov
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Electronic Official Personnel Folder Assistance - National ...


eOPF Login · Office of Personnel Management (OPM) - About eOPF · Become an eOPF User - Contact OPM's EHRI staff at [email protected]. After contacting OPM, the Agency ...

4. Employeeexpress.gov
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Welcome to Employee Express - Employee Express


Sign in with your. PIV Smartcard. (Insert Card First). OR. View a list of participating agencies. This U. S. government system is to be used by authorized ...

5. Commerce.gov
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Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) Information - US ...


Human Capital Client Services Do you have your eOPF ID and logon instructions? If not, contact us.

6. Army.mil
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Electronic Official Personnel Folder {eOPF)


You will need to enter more information to include your eOPF ID to obtain your password. After you receive the password, you will be able to log in and access ...

7. Paulleecabinetmakers.com.au
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Eopf Epa Login - Login page - Paul Lee Cabinetmakers


All of the related Eopf Epa pages and login addresses can be found along with the eopf epa's addresses, phone numbers. eopf epa portal pages are updated ...

8. Transportation.gov
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Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) | US Department


How do I login to eOPF? ... The eOPF web address is https://eopf.opm.gov/dot/. Welcome letters will be sent to all employees with User ID and ...

9. Usajobs.gov
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Human Resources Specialist (Recruitment&amp - USAJOBS ...


We are an independent office within the EPA that helps the agency ... automated systems and databases (e.g., FPPS, Monster, eOPF, etc.) ...

10. Usps.gov
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What is an eOPF? The Official Personnel Folder, or OPF, documents the employment history of individuals employed by the federal government.

11. Poncageparquetsarastume.fr
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Visit Ohio EPA's eBusiness Center log in page https://ebiz. ... (DOT) launched the electronic official personnel folder system (eOPF) in mid-February 2008.

12. Federalsoup.com
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EPA Moderate Background Check - EPA - Federal Soup


EPA was established in 1970 to consolidate in one agency a variety ... credit according to my final disposition posted in to my eOPF folder.

13. Yumpu.com
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US EPA Environmental Resp - Yumpu


Security Level (Private/Public/Exclusive) - only users logged in with a valid EPA. login will be able to view (only) Private sites.

14. Doi.gov
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HR Management Suite Information - US Department of the ...


Passwords can be managed by employee self-service through the AWTS login page. ... Planned integration with OPM's eOPF system will eliminate the ...

15. Psc.gov
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Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) - Commissioned ...


Documents should be uploaded to your eOPF by logging into the Officer ... to the CCMIS homepage at: https://dcp.psc.gov/ccmis/ and select the "Login" tab.

16. Gsa.gov
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Notification of Personnel Action | GSA


Form: SF50. Notification of Personnel Action. If you are a current federal employee and need a current copy of your SF-50, please contact your personnel ...

17. Eenews.net
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Criminal Investigator (Special Agent)


At EPA, you can protect human health and the environment of all Americans, ... access your Federal employment records in eOPF to verify your ...

18. Nifc.gov
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NIFC Facebook · The U.S. Forest Service has launched a robust, 10-year strategy to address wildfire crisis in the places where it poses the most immediate ...

19. Govinfo.gov
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2021-25604.pdf - Govinfo.gov


[EPA–HQ–OPP–2021–0080; FRL–8795–05– ... SUMMARY: EPA has received applications ... equivalent (the electronic OPF or eOPF).

20. Google.com
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Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EPA GOV do?

The Environmental Protection Agency is a United States federal government agency whose mission is to protect human and environmental health. The EPA regulates the manufacturing, processing, distribution, and use of chemicals and other pollutants.

What branch of government is the EPA under?

executive branch

What issues does the EPA deal with?

EPA works to ensure that:
  • Americans have clean air, land and water;
  • National efforts to reduce environmental risks are based on the best available scientific information;
  • Federal laws protecting human health and the environment are administered and enforced fairly, effectively and as Congress intended;

What is EPA in Australia?

The EPA is South Australia's independent environment protection regulator. We protect, restore and enhance the environment through the risk-based regulation of pollution, waste, noise and radiation.

Recent Tweets By epawater

@EPAwater There is no safe level of lead in drinking water. EPA is committed to President Biden’s vision of 100% lead free water systems and is excited to get to work to help 40 communities accelerate this progress. Watch the announcement live! https://t.co/oBuRKUMhHQ https://t.co/L1nYs3wCoC
2023-01-27 05:51:53
@EPAwater EPA is proud to partner with states and communities to provide technical assistance support that helps underserved communities access their fair share of federal funding to remove and replace lead pipes. https://t.co/zp2q8uP5i7
2023-01-27 02:25:30
@EPAwater Want to stay up to date with all the ways you can save water? Then check out @EPAwatersense's quarterly update, The Current. The latest installment covers water-efficient toilets, ways to bust inflation with WaterSense and more! https://t.co/l898F6yHEI
2023-01-26 01:42:26
@EPAwater Happy #WaterWednesday 😊🌊 https://t.co/OFa6YgVGUu
2023-01-25 01:07:29
@EPAwater @EPAregion9 @EPA @USFWSRefuges 😍😍😍
2023-01-24 09:00:44
@EPAwater Technical assistance is one of the best ways we can make transformative progress for underserved communities. We are building up the number of TA providers, using a proactive approach to assist those in need and doing it in partnership with states. https://t.co/Fpr3lEZECc https://t.co/zKMp19I3II
2023-01-24 08:30:06
@EPAwater It's not too late to register for our upcoming webcast about green infrastructure in Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permits this Wednesday! 📅 January 25 🕐 1:30 p.m. ET https://t.co/MuIj0gjSbL
2023-01-24 02:00:07
@EPAwater EPA has released Effluent Guidelines Program Plan 15, which lays out how we will expand wastewater regulations for landfills and study other key industries’ wastewater to determine how to better protect the nation’s waterways. https://t.co/3Cmpa4PvBI https://t.co/ARvap2VxSP
2023-01-23 08:13:05
@EPAwater Investing in our water infrastructure is an investment in a climate resilient future. Under the #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw and the #InflationReductionAct, we have the one-two punch we need to secure our nation’s climate and economic future. https://t.co/j85OUHcvyS
2023-01-23 01:21:05
@EPAwater Many of us experience #ClimateChange through water, from flooding to drought across the South and the West and unpredictability that impacts water utilities, farmers and ecosystems. That's why we are making water a central solution to our climate work. https://t.co/dBbjTzwGU4 https://t.co/irJWLwmFrA
2023-01-20 01:00:09
@EPAwater Today we announced the availability of $50 million in grant funding to help states, Tribes, and territories interested in developing programs for geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide or Class VI Underground Injection Control programs. https://t.co/6ulAXsmpWg
2023-01-19 08:43:17
@EPAwater Water plays a critical role in advancing climate solutions, and we are using our #CleanWaterAct and #SafeDrinkingWaterAct programs to promote water-oriented climate adaptation strategies while developing and deploying the latest science. https://t.co/vxw0a32PEn https://t.co/ZGDxKI8H05
2023-01-19 07:00:11
@EPAwater We have 3 approaches to tackle the climate crisis: 💧Improve resilience of water infrastructure 💧Protect waters from the impacts of a changing climate 💧Advance adaptive capacity of water sector and climate knowledge of all communities Read more: https://t.co/Tf7pBQLSwY https://t.co/oZrFo5TrtA
2023-01-18 01:00:09
@EPAwater The impacts of climate change are often felt as water stress, from flood to drought, sea level rise and more. At EPA Water, we center water as a key way to mitigate the worst effects of the climate crisis. Read our action plan: https://t.co/0RsSp8rH6F https://t.co/wbFEzJaeCB
2023-01-17 05:02:54
@EPAwater We join the nation in honoring the civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. and celebrate his legacy by working to protect the environment for all "until justice rolls down like waters." #MLKDay https://t.co/gYtNUI8vma
2023-01-16 04:30:07
@EPAwater Wondering what’s new with our How’s My Waterway tool? Join our upcoming webinar to learn about Tribal pages, the Educators Section and more ways to learn about water quality near you! 📅 January 25 🕑 2 p.m. 💻 https://t.co/XvZheewJt8
2023-01-13 01:00:07
@EPAwater Learn more about green infrastructure in Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permits at this upcoming webcast with speakers from Tennessee, Kentucky and EPA. 📅 January 25 🕐 1:30 p.m. ET https://t.co/MuIj0gjkmd https://t.co/WF6oWHd4wx
2023-01-12 08:00:13
@EPAwater The average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water... ...per day! And most of that water is used indoors. Want to reduce your water bill and use? Check out @EPAwatersense's tips and tricks: https://t.co/E1biu4ojcj
2023-01-12 01:00:08
@EPAwater Did you know EPA and federal partners have funding available for climate adaptation in the water sector? These resources are here to address climate impacts on water to continue ensuring clean and safe water throughout the nation. Check them out! https://t.co/mru5xgBUKs https://t.co/QJP4bLjqWa
2023-01-11 09:00:06
@EPAwater Most freshwater fish species can only survive in certain water temperatures, and climate change can threaten these ecosystems. At EPA, we are working with local partners to protect freshwater habitat. https://t.co/3TQ7TDqi2g.
2023-01-11 01:00:10
@EPAwater Healthy watersheds can improve your life. How? Healthy watersheds are necessary for virtually any high quality outdoor recreation. And great fishing is usually due to healthy watersheds that surround the waters that people love to fish. https://t.co/Gj7Wn5bIPQ https://t.co/XMF8OYtzV0
2023-01-10 01:39:06
@EPAwater #ICYMI: EPA announced our first ever SWIFIA loan! Thank you @SenBooker, @SenatorMenendez, @GovMurphy for partnering with EPA to bring this $500 million loan to New Jersey. Together, we are securing safe and clean water resources throughout the state! https://t.co/VgrQpDObS6
2023-01-09 07:01:35
@EPAwater EPA's support will help New Jersey secure safe, healthy and efficient wastewater and drinking water systems while generating good-paying jobs. Thank you @GovMurphy for being a partner in this shared goal! https://t.co/PCFRTa34cX
2023-01-09 01:50:27
@EPAwater Fun fact: every inch of the U.S. is part of a watershed! That's because a watershed is a land area that drains to one stream, lake or river. The Mississippi River has a huge watershed that covers all or parts of 33 states. https://t.co/Gj7Wn5bIPQ https://t.co/v0L2dcIgiz
2023-01-09 01:00:10
@EPAwater The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is the singe largest federal investment in our nation's water... EVER. We're busy getting these dollars to communities, and you can check out our page to learn about successes and future opportunities. https://t.co/lELdqOWAd3 https://t.co/ZNu64uoS4v
2023-01-06 07:00:06
@EPAwater Looking for a #NewYear2023 resolution? What about getting to know your local environment better? Use our How's My Waterway tool to understand the condition of local waters for swimming, fishing and more. Then view our resources on protecting local waters! https://t.co/XgkJuV4AFz https://t.co/9xSAMzj3Vi
2023-01-06 01:00:08
@EPAwater Today we issued our first loan through EPA's new SWIFIA program! New Jersey Infrastructure Bank received $500 million to modernize wastewater and drinking water systems serving 10 million people in New Jersey. Congratulations! https://t.co/VgrQpDObS6 https://t.co/bnRAvLb2PT
2023-01-05 08:30:12
@EPAwater With the #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw, EPA and State Revolving Funds are working together to bring historic water investment to communities. EPA Water head Radhika Fox met with Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities leadership to continue driving this progress. https://t.co/5WdclPXY3D
2023-01-05 04:26:08
@EPAwater Interested in a career at EPA? Office of Water is hiring! Apply now for this program analyst position. Application closes Monday. https://t.co/yvmtyy4EWD #EnvironmentJobs
2023-01-05 02:00:10
@EPAwater Looking to build in new habits that protect our environment? Take a look at this list of suggested everyday habits to protect local waters and the sources of drinking water. https://t.co/t0FraPyJK8
2023-01-04 08:30:03
@EPAwater Happy #WaterWednesday 🌊 https://t.co/8XTCeqIZjn
2023-01-04 01:36:18
@EPAwater Don't miss out on this great way to start the new year! #NewYear2023 https://t.co/hemIXDGWVb
2023-01-03 08:22:28
@EPAwater EPA and @ASACivilWorks have released a revised definition of waters of the United States. The final rule establishes a durable definition of #WOTUS, reflects essential clean water protections and considers the needs of all water users. https://t.co/kUjRiVopyx
2022-12-30 03:26:04
@EPAwater Looking for a New Year’s resolution you can stick with? Follow @EPAwatersense and turn your focus to saving water in 2023! Check out the WaterSense resolution checklist to see how many ways you can save water this year https://t.co/MzC6pKmrB7 https://t.co/sGLSYy0OPX
2022-12-30 01:00:10
@EPAwater In 2023, EPA is committed to a year full of transformative water progress. With the historical Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we are working to help communities navigate this federal funding opportunity with transparent and efficient processes. https://t.co/RR43SvBtZh
2022-12-29 07:00:24
@EPAwater This past year, we've done so much together to bring transformative water solutions to communities. In 2023, we’ll be working with more communities to build a better water future with technical assistance. https://t.co/fxLANp6GKj
2022-12-29 01:00:06
@EPAwater New year, new opportunity to remove barriers to reliable water infrastructure. In 2023, we are committed to making sure small, rural and underserved communities get their fair share of #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw funding. https://t.co/S8bfqwd3FA
2022-12-28 07:00:16
@EPAwater New classes starting this spring means a new chance to get kids learning about their water use! Check out EPA drinking water activities for K-12 students! https://t.co/JBJaLNC3zl https://t.co/QvDazPhN74
2022-12-28 01:00:09
@EPAwater Thinking about a makeover this New Year? Why not upgrade your water services! From toilets to showerheads, there are many water-efficient products that can help you save water in 2023! https://t.co/BejH9aWShL https://t.co/EPPycxJau0
2022-12-27 07:34:04
@EPAwater In 2022 more than $4 billion of Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding was distributed to improve our nation's drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. In 2023, we’ll announce the next round of funding, and we’re excited for more progress in the year ahead! https://t.co/Rr9JK8FxaA
2022-12-27 01:00:06
@EPAwater Teachers! New Year, new opportunity to teach about water conservation. From lesson plans to teacher guides, learn more about EPA’s resources for the classroom https://t.co/nzP8Ylt6kZ https://t.co/LzivlmzKog
2022-12-26 01:00:06
@EPAwater With funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, @EPA's Creating Resilient Water Utilities Initiative can support historically underserved communities as they confront climate change challenges. Watch the second of the two videos here: https://t.co/9DCJaRpb2F https://t.co/YilzpyFAnu
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@EPAwater Keep your holidays merry and bright, with a friendly reminder to turn off sprinklers and irrigation systems in the winter months! A broken pipe can burst the festive spirit, and turning off sprinklers is an easy way to save water this holiday season. https://t.co/xsnk2gUlZ4
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@EPAwater With support from EPA's Creating Resilient Water Utilities Initiative, projects funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will ensure that water systems can increase their adaptive capacity to climate change impacts. Watch the first of two videos here: https://t.co/Sv8ZVub0At https://t.co/qTlAWesZLv
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@EPAwater Santa came early... Happy holidays @CityOfBoise and congratulations on securing a $263 million #WIFIA loan to support the water renewal services capital investments project! https://t.co/jaToOE2L3w https://t.co/JlA4MH2SFz
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@EPAwater Looking for last minute additions to your Christmas list? Why not help out your water bill and the environment with a WaterSense appliance! https://t.co/8SEuljassE https://t.co/Eea1eidfPW
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@EPAwater Why is today an important day for water? Because it's the anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act! This act allowed EPA to regulate the quality of public drinking water. Learn more about the act to celebrate! https://t.co/iNNi9NLcmm
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@EPAwater Protect your private well! From testing your water to protecting against pollution, there are so many ways to ensure safe drinking water. https://t.co/jkbXWTSss7 https://t.co/YD4JiNUnfR
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@EPAwater Are you a private well owner? If so, do you know when to test your water? If the answer is yes, check your knowledge with this @CDCgov resource! https://t.co/05V0nll49m https://t.co/3pjO8ZnCjd
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@EPAwater Wetlands play an important role in ecological functions and cultural uses for Tribes. EPA’s new guide for developing Tribal wetland programs was designed to aid Tribes in strategic wetland resource planning and management. https://t.co/DK9C51eKai
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@EPAwater Attention Tribal partners! Join EPA and @NAWMCommunicate for a webinar and panel discussion on Protecting Waters and Wetlands in Indian Country. 📅 December 15 ⌚ 3 p.m. ET https://t.co/trLXspaNDq
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@EPAwater EPA Water head Radhika Fox and @IADeptAg Secretary Mike Naig kicked off 37th Hypoxia Task Force meeting today with many members in person. The meeting focuses on collaborative ways to reduce nutrient loads in Mississippi Atchafalaya River Basin. https://t.co/DfPAQ8S3fN https://t.co/o4n3lm6gi1
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@EPAwater There are more than 23 million U.S. households that rely on private wells for drinking water. Learn to care for your well and your household: https://t.co/jkbXWTSss7 https://t.co/RvkTPj7RqM
2022-12-13 00:00:00
@EPAwater The Hypoxia Task Force is holding its 37th public meeting on December 14. Tune in and learn how task force states will utilize #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw funding. Register by December 13: https://t.co/iUTLQspoFD
2022-12-12 00:00:00
@EPAwater EPA is providing $25.7 million to organizations that can assist small and rural communities with drinking water and wastewater systems. This technical assistance supports growth and ensures communities have access to the clean and safe water they deserve. https://t.co/qj74JXjBbQ
2022-12-12 00:00:00
@EPAwater Congratulations @Chattanooga_gov for securing a $186 million #WIFIA loan! As Chattanooga continues to grow in population, it’s more urgent than ever to provide effective wastewater services to protect this burgeoning community. https://t.co/uYRbC8iMcc
2022-12-08 00:00:00
@EPAwater Interested in learning about the water workforce? Then join @dcwater and @awwa leaders in this webinar to hear about developing a sustainable workforce. 📅 December 15 🕐 1 p.m. ET https://t.co/JFfxcX8KcS
2022-12-08 00:00:00
@EPAwater During #WEFTEC 2022, EPA Water head Radhika Fox sat down with @WEForg to chat about Office of Water's work. Hear about everything from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, PFAS and equity to what Fox's favorite body of water is! https://t.co/YA3D38qhF2
2022-12-07 00:00:00
@EPAwater EPA has taken another critical step toward restricting PFAS at their source with the release of a memo to states. The memo provides direction on how to use the clean water permitting program to protect against #PFAS. https://t.co/DFSQ1gwmQK
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@EPAwater ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager tool can help water and wastewater systems track energy usage and savings from efficiency projects, as well as greenhouse gas emission inventories. Join this webinar to learn more. 📅12/15 🕐 1:30-2:30 p.m. ET 💻https://t.co/5RwdGuVGJi https://t.co/eHE1NAPBwd
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@EPAwater Happy #HandwashingAwarenessWeek! Washing our hands is practically second nature, but this wouldn’t be possible without water infrastructure. Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, EPA investing in safe and clean water services to protect the health of our communities. https://t.co/PoaBmG04f5
2022-12-05 02:50:05
@EPAwater For the first time, Tribes across the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin will have resources to restore this critical watershed. This $6 million in #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw funding will go to 21 Tribes and will support nutrient reduction projects. https://t.co/Wj5GmWbEm6
2022-12-05 00:00:00
@EPAwater In times of drought, green infrastructure can build resiliency. Communities can use green infrastructure to replenish groundwater reserves, relieve stress on local water supplies and reduce the need to import potable water. https://t.co/CSaDrV1cLr https://t.co/zXEyWh3tWk
2022-12-02 01:55:06
@EPAwater Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change like sea-level rise and heavy storms that erode and flood natural habitat. Green infrastructure can protect coastal areas with living shorelines of buffers, wetlands and dunes. https://t.co/oIqEvJSd0r https://t.co/BFTkNk9Zxt
2022-12-01 07:00:32
@EPAwater Communities use a lot of energy treating and moving drinking water and wastewater. They can significantly reduce municipal and domestic energy use by implementing green infrastructure that reduces rainwater flows to sewer systems or conserves water. https://t.co/xIolKcFfJU https://t.co/BuYaqQoohm
2022-12-01 01:00:12
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