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Mar 11, 22 (Updated: Aug 22, 22)

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1. Amwell.com
Populist Brooklyn, NY, USA 1 year ago

Login - Amwell


Provider Log In. I forgot my email or password. Log In. Interested in joining Amwell? Enroll. Practice Staff? Login Here.

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2. Americanwellforclinicians.com
Curious Hyderabad, Telangana, India 1 year ago

Amwell for Clinicians


The browser you are using is not compatible with this website. To continue, please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, FireFox, ...

3. Force.com
Populist 1 year ago

American Well Community login page


Welcome to the American Well Provider Community. 24/7 Access to telehealth information, training and support. Login. Enter Email Id *. Enter Password*.

4. Amwellnow.com
Refiner Tehran, Iran 1 year ago

Amwell Now


Invite another provider to this visit. PATIENT INFORMATION. Text Message. Send Invite Via *. Patient's Mobile Number *. + Add a guest. + Add a note.

5. Amwellprivatepractice.com
Announcer Oslo, Norway 1 year ago

Amwell Private Practice


The telehealth platform trusted by over 70,000 providers ... Amwell is the trusted telehealth partner of choice for healthcare industry leaders, ...

6. Ascensiononlinecare.org
Critic 11 months ago

Login - Ascension Online Care


Provider Log In. I forgot my email or password. Log In. Interested in joining Ascension Online Care? Enroll. Practice Staff? Login Here.

8. Providerlogin.co
Editor New York, NY, United States 11 months ago

Amwell Provider Login – Official Site Login (Jan 2022)


Provider Login; See a Provider Now! Amwell makes it easy for you to talk to doctors, immediately, from your home.... Read More >>>.

9. Bluecarela.com
Critic Singapore 10 months ago

Online Care


For behavioral health online visits, you can schedule an appointment at any time; available appointment times will vary by provider. Support is available to ...

10. Pennstatehealthondemand.com
Curious 10 months ago

Penn State Health OnDemand


Log In | Test Computer | Provider Login. American Well. Enroll today for the Penn State Health OnDemand app! See a doctor anytime, from anywhere.

11. Startlivehealthonline.com
Refiner Berlin, Germany 10 months ago

Login - LiveHealth Online


Provider Log In. I forgot my email or password. Log In. Interested in joining LiveHealth Online? Enroll. Practice Staff? Login Here.

12. Iuhealthvideovisit.org
Announcer Houston, TX, USA 10 months ago

IU Health Virtual Visits


Test Computer |; Provider Login. American Well ... Enroll by creating a free login to connect with our providers today - or to be ready when you need it.

13. Wi.gov
Announcer Bratislava, Slovakia 9 months ago

Access Plan by WEA Trust | ETF


Use Amwell to have a video visit with a doctor or therapist on your smartphone, tablet or computer. In 2021, psychiatry will be added to the platform. Providers ...

14. Avizia.com
Editor Lynbrook, NY, United States 9 months ago

Choose Login - Amwell


Access Northwell Health Telehealth Services. Single Sign On. You will be redirected to Northwell ADFS to access this site. Login.

15. Bcbsmonlinevisits.com
Populist ::1 8 months ago

Blue Cross Online Visits


Log In |; Test Computer |; Provider Login. American Well ... I already have an account, Log In. Blue Cross Online Visits is powered by American Well®, ...

16. Hmsaonlinecare.com
Editor Illinois 8 months ago

Login - HMSA's Online Care


Provider Log In. Forgot Password or Email Address? Log In. Interested in joining HMSA's Online Care? Register Now. Practice Staff? Login Here.

17. Atriumhealthvirtualvisit.org
Announcer 8 months ago

Login - Atrium Health Virtual Visit


Provider Log In. I forgot my email or password. Log In. Interested in joining Atrium Health Virtual Visit? Enroll. Practice Staff? Login Here.

18. Americanwell.com
Editor France 8 months ago

notice of privacy practices – online care network ii pc ... - Amwell


Patient access to all medical information transmitted during a telemedicine interaction is guaranteed by the provider and copies of this information are ...

19. Augustavirtualcare.org
Outspoken Graz, Austria 7 months ago

Login - Augusta University Health


Provider Log In. I forgot my email or password. Log In. Interested in joining AU Health Virtual Care? Enroll. Practice Staff? Login Here.

20. Nowclinic.com
Curious Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India 7 months ago

Login - NowClinic


Interested in joining NowClinic? Enroll. Practice Staff? Login Here. Customer Support: 1-877-550-1515 Provider Support: [email protected] ...

21. Bluecrossvt.org
Outspoken Aylesbury, United Kingdom 7 months ago

Telemedicine Care | BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont


If you prefer to visit with a doctor via your computer, go to the Amwell website to sign up or log in into your account. Phone**. Amwell doctors are also ...

22. Fmtemp.com
Critic Melbourne, Australia 7 months ago

WEA Trust Virtual Visits by Amwell - Foremost Media


WEA Trust Virtual Visits provides access to board-certified healthcare ... Providers on Amwell treat, diagnose, and even prescribe—helping you feel better ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amwell a good company?

Amwell is a great one-stop telehealth company for people looking for quality therapy, psychiatry, and medication services. You can book sessions whenever you need them and if you have in-network health insurance, you can pay a very affordable rate per session.

Does Amwell cost money?

The cost of a visit is $79, compared to the average national cost of $139 for an office visit or $645 for an emergency room visit, and may be even less as some employers and insurance companies cover telehealth visit.

What does Amwell health do?

Amwell, formerly known as American Well, is a telemedicine company based in Boston, Massachusetts, that connects patients with doctors over secure video.

Is teladoc or Amwell better?

Amwell is best for urgent care providers, acute care providers, pediatrics, physicians, telepsychiatry among others. Teladoc's healthcare platform is best for behavioral health professionals, dermatologists, dieticians, and healthcare professionals of all specialties.

Recent Tweets By amwell

@Amwell Last month, Amwell team members traveled to Kenya to learn about their culture and traditions. How? Virtually, of course! Learn more about our DEI Spirit Week here: https://t.co/7C4U2u9GDW. #DEIAtAmwell https://t.co/7C4U2u9GDW
2023-01-24 02:00:07
@Amwell @SDoss13 Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry about the inconvenience. Please send us a direct message with the email address and full name associated with your account so we can contact the customer support team. Don't worry, we'll fix this!
2023-01-23 03:51:43
@Amwell Some Mondays are just a little more Mondayish than others 🤦‍♀️. https://t.co/H8B3BCHlRz
2023-01-23 03:00:19
@Amwell Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and his achievements in the fight for equality. Thank you, Dr. King for all you've done to progress the world forward. https://t.co/JW5xBbSYZM
2023-01-16 02:00:12
@Amwell 10% of Americans have diabetes – a disease that often requires constant management. Learn more about how virtual care can provide support to patients struggling with diabetes: https://t.co/xAiEq7LNRq. https://t.co/4nYnK9ZhVA
2023-01-13 05:30:02
@Amwell Director of Customer Success, Felicia Pease is committed to improving the customer experience. Read more about her career path and what it's like to work in customer success at @VentureFizz: https://t.co/y9YRnBPgPW. https://t.co/MVcaw4t701
2023-01-12 12:00:07
@Amwell In 2022, Amwell Cares donated to local and global charities. Check out the causes we supported in 2022, and look out for new initiatives in 2023! https://t.co/MH8BsqRnl2 https://t.co/avYjakmMRG
2023-01-11 03:49:31
@Amwell “Through the Amwell cart, we have direct, immediate access to Presbyterian’s NICU team." Learn more about how @SanJuanRegional uses Amwell technology to improve care for its newborn patients: https://t.co/aApzzFgI0R.
2023-01-10 04:00:07
@Amwell "It’s no longer a single soldier patient trying to find their way in the maze of options. It’s becoming part of a normal benefit" – Amwell CEO, Ido Schoenberg said of virtual second opinions. Learn more here: https://t.co/A9KYXQDviZ @axios https://t.co/OuWPXkc7Zj
2023-01-09 03:00:06
@Amwell Amwell is proud to continue to be @wirecutter's top pick for #OnlineTherapy! If you are in need of mental health support, we are here to help. Learn more: https://t.co/juKcW4e4yJ. https://t.co/juKcW4e4yJ
2023-01-06 02:00:01
@Amwell The two-year extension of #virtualcare provisions included in the recently signed omnibus bill are an important step forward for the continued expansion of access high quality and affordable healthcare. https://t.co/enUkNQ9iTf. @AmericanTelemed https://t.co/THTEjQVtKk
2023-01-05 11:19:20
@Amwell We are proud to share that through our #AmwellCares program we have donated over $150,000 to global charities and people in need, and our teams have volunteered more than 400 hours of their time to give back in their communities. Learn more: https://t.co/MH8BsqRnl2. https://t.co/sDsJYGF4d0
2023-01-05 07:49:58
@Amwell Our employees have spent the last few months volunteering at local food banks to support #HungerRelief. The fight doesn't stop with our efforts - get out and volunteer today! #AmwellCares #FoodInsecurity @communityserv https://t.co/Z8HjlSHRoe
2023-01-05 03:00:11
@Amwell The holidays can be a stressful time for many – and it doesn't just go away once they're over. Remember to take care of yourself and your #MentalHealth. Check out these tips from @NAMICommunicate on how to prioritize your mental health: https://t.co/atl8vAEp5a. #DigitalCare https://t.co/sXJBbERXGM
2023-01-04 06:22:41
@Amwell Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year! We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store! #HappyNewYear #NewYears2023 https://t.co/t03jiC71pl
2023-01-01 04:59:02
@Amwell Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season! Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition in the comments below. We wish you and your loved ones a very healthy and happy holiday season! May this time of year be full of love and joy. https://t.co/q2lqORt9WR
2023-01-01 01:15:04
@Amwell Hear from Amwell President and CEO @RoySchoenberg on what won't change in #healthcare in 2023: https://t.co/t5QTQ8yxmc. @Forbes #DigitalHealth https://t.co/t5QTQ8yxmc
2022-12-22 06:00:05
@Amwell Heading into 2023 it's important to consider what's next – but it's just as important to remind ourselves how far we've come. Amwell CEO @RoySchoenberg takes a look back while sharing his thoughts on the future with @HealthITNews: https://t.co/oryOqMmvIK. https://t.co/oryOqMmvIK
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@Amwell @lijeyeshaveit Hi! Did you receive your prescription? If not please send us a DM so that we can assist further. Thank you.
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@Amwell What won't happen to the #DigitalCare industry in 2023? Read what our CEO Roy Schoenberg had to say, including his thoughts on legislation, big tech and more: https://t.co/t5QTQ8yxmc. @Forbes https://t.co/t5QTQ8yxmc
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@Amwell To celebrate all of the holidays that happen this season, the Amwell DEI Committee hosted a spirit week! Get an inside look at the spirit week events here: https://t.co/7C4U2u9GDW. #DEIAtAmwell #HappyHolidays #DiversityMatters https://t.co/r4i9WDKkGu
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@Amwell Don't forget to donate to our 3rd annual Virtual Food Drive and Company Match Program! Join us in supporting @foodbanking and @FeedingAmerica (links below) as we work together to provide hunger relief around the world. #AmwellCares https://t.co/A6guUkbCyc https://t.co/0frnduEwqc https://t.co/dIsfvW0HGs
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@Amwell Want to know where #DigitalCare is headed in 2023? Amwell President and CEO Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH, talked with @HealthITNews to share his thoughts: https://t.co/oryOqMmvIK. #HealthCareInnovation #VirtualCare https://t.co/oryOqMmvIK
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@Amwell TODAY: Don’t forget to register ahead of time: https://t.co/KuS9yZO1YB. @ChristieCampus #DigitalMentalHealth #StudentMentalHealth https://t.co/TLQ6teFYKf
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@Amwell @m_doucet Hello! We are seeing that the private policy is hyper-linked in the text "Online Care Network or OCN Notice of Privacy Practices." Are you able to open this?
2022-12-13 00:00:00
@Amwell Did you hear? Amwell was named one of the Top Virtual Care companies by @ConnectAVIA! Proud to be recognized for the exceptional virtual care experiences we are enabling our clients to provide: https://t.co/RfK6ayLvX7. #VirtualCare https://t.co/rXQb5NZqaG
2022-12-09 00:00:00
@Amwell Tune into our webinar with experts from @ChristieCampus and learn about how they’re transforming student mental health using digital health solutions: https://t.co/KuS9yZNu93. https://t.co/nqPfrB9Ans
2022-12-07 00:00:00
@Amwell #AmwellCares is helping to support hunger relief through volunteer activities at local food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, and more. Join our virtual food drive and company match program today: https://t.co/A6guUkbCyc, https://t.co/0frnduEwqc @foodbanking @FeedingAmerica https://t.co/rEyeDsbHr3
2022-12-05 00:00:00
@Amwell Amwell has been recognized as one of the Top Virtual Visit companies by @ConnectAVIA! Learn more about how we are enabling our clients to improve the healthcare experience with digitally-enabled care and see the full report here: https://t.co/RfK6ayLvX7. #VirtualCare https://t.co/MaYEdlq53z
2022-12-05 00:00:00
@Amwell Even if didn't forego shaving last month, it's important to take time to learn more about and raise awareness for men's health issues, like prostate cancer. Read more about men's unique health challenges here:https://t.co/8oSRNrXJRi. #MensHealth https://t.co/R9ZiabN1hG
2022-12-01 00:00:00
@Amwell We’re kicking off our 3rd annual Virtual Food Drive and Company Match Program today in honor of #Giving Tuesday! Join us in supporting @foodbanking and @FeedingAmerica using the links below. #AmwellCares https://t.co/A6guUkbCyc https://t.co/0frnduEwqc https://t.co/Mr3SqAHd7P
2022-11-29 00:00:00
@Amwell Evidence from research trials and clinical practices demonstrates that after #DigitalMentalHealth intervention, between 50-70% of people recover from their depression and anxiety symptoms. Join our panel with @ChristieCampus to learn more: https://t.co/KuS9yZNu93. https://t.co/DzCfHdcsZX
2022-11-29 00:00:00
@Amwell We're sharing what some of our team members are thankful for this year! Leave what you're thankful for in the comments below. https://t.co/fVfFmM4li7 https://t.co/hJ0zvMoygD
2022-11-28 00:00:00
@Amwell @_HappyHumanist_ Hello, we are very sorry about your negative experience. We appreciate your feedback and have referred your issue to our support team.
2022-11-28 00:00:00
@Amwell Register for our upcoming webinar to learn about how #DigitalMentalHealth tools can make a huge difference in access to mental health services on college campuses: https://t.co/KuS9yZO1YB. @ChristieCampus #StudentMentalHealth https://t.co/6gwBt5q0sO
2022-11-17 00:00:00
@Amwell TODAY at #HLTH2022: Don’t miss our President and CEO @RoySchoenberg, MD, MPH at the Arena stage at 4:20 PST for the Is Virtual Care still on the A-List? Panel! @HLTHEVENT #DigitalCare #HealthcareInnovation https://t.co/Yaf22CpPN7
2022-11-15 12:00:01
@Amwell @JulieReisetter Hi Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulty your son had and hope he was able to see a provider. Please reach out to us at [email protected] so that our team can investigate this further. Thank you!
2022-11-15 00:00:00
@Amwell @BiffsCastle I'm sorry to hear you've had this ongoing issue. Please send us a DM so that we can gather additional details and work to get this resolved!
2022-11-15 00:00:00
@Amwell Join our panel of experts as they explore the “how” and “why” behind the success of #DigitalMentalHealth interventions at colleges and universities. Register now: https://t.co/KuS9yZO1YB. @ChristieCampus #StudentMentalHealth https://t.co/10gVVoEfW7
2022-11-10 09:00:07
@Amwell Make sure to include the Is Virtual Care still on the A-List? panel in your schedule for #HLTH2022 to hear from Amwell President and CEO @RoySchoenberg, MD, MPH! @HLTHEVENT https://t.co/8bkSxwzNfQ
2022-11-10 07:00:11
@Amwell This week: Find us at booth #405 the 2022 @BeckersHR CEO + CFO Roundtable and hear about how we’re powering digital healthcare, anywhere! Schedule time to meet here: https://t.co/BCNftCOedg. #BeckersHealthcare https://t.co/JXjiOzTwhY
2022-11-07 03:00:09
@Amwell Did you know that mammograms prevent 12,000 deaths every year? Health screenings can detect diseases before symptoms even appear. Learn the importance of having regular #HealthScreenings in our recent blog post here: https://t.co/OnE0N32j8t. #BreastCancerAwareness https://t.co/d23rk2aOao
2022-11-04 04:00:12
@Amwell We'll be at the 2022 @BeckersHR CEO + CFO Roundtable discussing how implementing digital care can help with workforce shortages, the #MentalHealthCrisis, provider burnout & more. Stop by booth #405 and schedule a meeting: https://t.co/BCNftCOedg! #BeckersHealthcare https://t.co/21T0BsLSac
2022-11-04 02:00:17
@Amwell Join us in making a difference in healthcare. Check out our open positions and what it's like to work at Amwell: https://t.co/zyagdnOjwA. #WeAreHiring #EmpoweringPeopleWhoPowerHealthcare https://t.co/wMnBTWpm1L
2022-11-03 04:00:17
@Amwell Earlier this month employees around the globe celebrated International Coffee Day by having coffee chats with coworkers on different teams. Click through to hear what they had to say about it! #EmpoweringPeopleWhoPowerHealthcare #WeAreHiring #CoffeeChat https://t.co/SJpxuoR407
2022-11-02 03:00:12
@Amwell Attending #HLTH2022? Be sure to stop by the Arena stage Monday 11/14 at 4:20 PST to hear Amwell President and CEO Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH discuss virtual care’s trajectory, potential barriers to adoption, and technology’s future in care delivery. @HLTHEVENT https://t.co/dTBD81SABD
2022-11-01 02:30:02
@Amwell Proud to help power @LiveHealth which was ranked highest in telehealth satisfaction among direct-to-consumer providers by @JDPower! Congratulations to all. https://t.co/kZQz3Iy1Vd https://t.co/1TT1uWxcLY
2022-10-31 02:45:04
@Amwell Just because you’re not seeing your coworkers in person all the time, it’s always good to remind them how much you appreciate them! #EmployeeAppreciation https://t.co/vT7h5QPt1S
2022-10-31 02:00:13
@Amwell Like this post if you’re also jealous of our finance team’s recent meet up for a sunset cruise around Boston Harbor! #WeAreHiring #EmpoweringPeopleWhoPowerHealthcare #TeamBonding https://t.co/CxGIVXAWe2
2022-10-30 11:30:02
@Amwell Want to make a difference? Check out our open positions: https://t.co/TE782NqbVP. https://t.co/Y2mMLuJWJq
2022-10-28 02:00:14
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