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Save the Children International

Around the world, too many children still start life at a disadvantage simply because of who they are and where they are from....

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Save the Children Resource Centre - GHELI repository

This resource portal from Save the Children offers free online access to more ... can save items to a personal library when logged in with a free account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is food for the poor a legitimate organization?

Food For The Poor is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1982, and donations are tax-deductible.

Who is #SavetheChildren funded by?

the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

What percentage of charitable donations go to administration?

The typical charity spends 75 percent of its budget on programs, according to CharityNavigator. Look for nonprofits that hit or come close to the benchmark. The rest of a typical charity's budget goes to administrative costs (15 percent) and fundraising (10 percent).

Is World Vision legitimate?

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Recent Tweets By savethechildren

@SavetheChildren 2022 was a tough year for children. Globally, more children need humanitarian assistance to survive than ever before. Read more in our latest analysis. 👇
2022-12-29 04:46:17
@SavetheChildren 7⃣ Syria 6M children were in need of assistance in 2022. Eleven years of conflict and humanitarian needs continue to rise. The combination of conflict, the deteriorating economic environment and the worst drought in decades has left millions unable to access enough food.
2022-12-29 04:46:17
@SavetheChildren 6⃣ Sudan 8.8M children were in need of assistance in 2022. Economic decline and rising food prices, coupled with increasing intercommunal violence and conflict as well as floods, are driving a food crisis. 7.7M people are expected to face acute hunger by the beginning of 2023.
2022-12-29 04:46:16
@SavetheChildren 5⃣ Pakistan 8.8M children were in need of assistance in 2022. Millions of families in Pakistan have lost their incomes since the floods, leaving them unable to afford food. 3.4M children are facing chronic hunger, with levels only expected to rise.
2022-12-29 04:46:16
@SavetheChildren 4⃣ Yemen 10M children were in need of assistance in 2022. For seven long years, children in Yemen have lived through a horrific war. The war has caused widespread hunger and poverty in Yemen, leaving millions of children malnourished.
2022-12-29 04:46:15
@SavetheChildren 3⃣ Ethiopia 13.2M children were in need of assistance in 2022. Across Ethiopia, pockets of the population are already facing famine conditions and people are already losing their lives to an entirely preventable cause: hunger.
2022-12-29 04:46:15
@SavetheChildren 2⃣ Democratic Republic of the Congo 13.9M children were in need of assistance in 2022. Today, the number of people in the DRC facing extreme hunger are among the highest in the world.
2022-12-29 04:46:14
@SavetheChildren 1⃣ Afghanistan 14M children were in need of assistance in 2022. They’re facing extreme hunger, exploitation, a loss of their education, repeated disease outbreaks and, for many children, death. It’s a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale the country has never seen.
2022-12-29 04:46:14
@SavetheChildren 🚨📈 The number of children needing humanitarian assistance rose more than 20% in 2022. Conflict, the climate crisis, and economic devastation created a perfect storm of suffering for millions of children around the world. Here's where children were most impacted 👇
2022-12-29 04:46:13
@SavetheChildren #DonateCrypto to us & save on your taxes!💰 👉In the US donating #crypto is a non-taxable event meaning you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount & can deduct the donation from your #taxes. Consult tax professional. Donate today:👇🙏❤️🚀
2022-12-28 06:07:19
@SavetheChildren We condemn the Supreme Court’s decision to keep #Title42 in place. Too many families and children have already been put in harm because of this policy. We must act now to protect these innocent children and families from further danger.
2022-12-28 02:37:26
@SavetheChildren @UniqloUSA Incredibly grateful for your support!❤️
2022-12-27 03:15:49
@SavetheChildren 📍 Democratic Republic of the Congo The number of people facing extreme hunger are among the highest in the world. In Kasai-Oriental province, we run emergency nutrition programs to ensure children like 3-year-old Joseph have access to the care they need.
2022-12-27 03:00:19
@SavetheChildren Want to feel hopeful about the future? 🚫 Stop Scrolling ▶️ Press Play 👇 👇 👇
2022-12-26 05:00:49
@SavetheChildren We are devastated authorities in #Afghanistan have suspended women’s right to work in NGOs. Our female staff are essential to our humanitarian response in the country. Denying Afghan women their rights will hinder any hopes of long-term of stability.
2022-12-25 12:11:10
@SavetheChildren Khrystyna (8) lives in Kyiv, #Ukraine.📍She has fond memories of #Christmas before the conflict began, "When Santa arrives, we're already asleep and New Year begins at 12 o'clock. 🎅🏻 We wake up in the morning and go to open the presents.” 🎁 #HappyHolidays #Celebrate
2022-12-25 04:01:05
@SavetheChildren Masha (9) fled #Ukraine with her family after leaving behind her father. She video calls him often but due to power outages in #Kyiv, the connection is poor and they speak less. Masha wishes her father could be here for #Christmas and hopes to reunite soon🤞#HomeForTheHolidays
2022-12-24 02:52:06
@SavetheChildren Is a book on your child’s #wishlist? 🎁📚 Reading with your child daily can enrich their imagination, improve their vocabulary, and nurture their emotional intelligence. 🤗 #HappyHolidays #Memes #ChildrensBooks #EducationalPrograms
2022-12-24 02:52:06
@SavetheChildren Congress must do better for children around the world. In the New Year and beyond, we look forward to continuing to work with policymakers to ensure the needs of children and families are met. (4/4)
2022-12-23 07:44:28
@SavetheChildren For international aid, this bill doesn’t go far enough to address the needs of the world’s children and families. Programs to help the millions of children and families affected by crises such as displacement, conflict, and hunger remain woefully underfunded. (3/4)
2022-12-23 07:44:28
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