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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access myIDTravel?

In order to access myIDTravel, you must be logged into the Employee Website. Mesa has implemented a single sign-on with myIDTravel so you will be automatically logged into the myIDTravel site from the Employee Site. Once logged into myIDTravel, you will be redirected to a privacy page, as shown in Figure 1.

How do I cancel a flight on myIDTravel?

How to cancel & refund a myIDTravel ticket?
  1. Find your ticket ticket. To initiate a refund, the easiest way is to access the ticket via Your flight list. You can also click on the Manage Bookings & Tickets button and enter your e-ticket number.
  2. Refund the ticket. Click the Refund button.

Is there a myIDTravel app?

myIDgo – Airline Staff Travel Discount App
And do you want to see all of your booked myIDTravel flights in the same app? Then myIDgo is the perfect choice for you!

What do the smiley faces on myIDTravel mean?

You will notice smiley faces beside the flights listed to indicate the the flight loads. A sad red face means the flight is fairly or completely full. A yellow face means soso. A green smiley face indicates the flight is fairly open.

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