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Log in now - iLearn - Macquarie University

Log in now ... iLearn is your easy access point to your unit guides, learning resources and other digital media. ... By using iLearn you are agreeing to comply with ...

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9:02 4G MACQUARIE University Marked out ...

Transcribed image text: 9:02 4G MACQUARIE University Marked out or T.UU P Flag question Stoaches are fictional creatures which nest in ...

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Log into iLearn at Your 'iLearn username' will be your standard Macquarie Student ID Number (an 8-digit number found on your ...

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Ilearn Macquarie | Amarta Karya

Logging into iLearn. Log in to iLearn. Your iLearn username will be your standard Macquarie Student ID Number (an eight-digit number found on your Campus ...

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... website for resources on how to use Zoom. Email [email protected] for help with Zoom. Click below to log in to Zoom with your Macquarie OneID.

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ilearn mq | Today -

iLearn - Macquarie University. iLearn is your easy access point to your unit guides, ...

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Mq Ethics Login · 1. Human ethics – Macquarie University · 2. Ethics, Biosafety & other Apps · 3. Cancer: New Insights for the Healthcare ...

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Macquarie University IT Status

Welcome to Macquarie University IT's home for real-time and historical data on ... ? Operational. Google Apps Operational. iLearn ? Operational.

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Ilearn mq login

Step 1. Go to ilearn mq login page via official link below. Step 2. Login to website with your username and password; Step 3. If you still can`t access ...

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mq uni blackboard? | Bored Of Studies

To access iLearn, go to: You won't be able to do anything upon logging into either system since your ...

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AFCP812 Quantitative and Economic Analysis My home Topic 2

Assignment Page 1 of 5 ( ... Topic 2: The Property Market ( id=2649913) Topic 2: The ...

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index.htm - Skip to main content iLearn Login Log in Your...

View Homework Help - index.htm from ENGINEERIN 202 at Macquarie University . Skip to main content iLearn Login Log in Your session has timed out.

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What is iLearn MQ?

iLearn is your easy access point to your unit guides, learning resources and other digital media. Find self-help resources here. For help with iLearn email [email protected].

How do I log into eStudent?

Login with your Student ID and password.
Accessing eStudent
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How can I change my iLearn password?

To reset your password, submit your username or your email address below. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again.

What is MQ OneID?

Student OneID
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Is Macquarie University any good?

Macquarie University is ranked 192 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and has an overall score of 4.3 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

Is it hard to get into Macquarie University?

Acceptance Rate: Admissions at Macquarie University are competitive as the institution records an acceptance rate of 40%.

Is Macquarie University owned by the government?

Macquarie University is a New South Wales State Government owned university which generates its revenue from the provision of higher education in Australia.

Does Macquarie University accept duolingo?

While disruptions to regular IELTS and TOEFL testing continue in mainland China, Macquarie University will be accepting the Duolingo English Test as an alternative means of meeting our Academic English requirements - see the relevant sections below for minimum score requirements.

How do you get special consideration in MQ?

For an application for special consideration to be considered valid you must have been performing satisfactorily in the unit prior to experiencing serious or unavoidable disruption and you must provide supporting documentation.

Who is Macquarie named after?

Lachlan Macquarie

Recent Tweets By sandyosullivan

@sandyosullivan @QuinPeat @IndigFutures I hope when we have it up on the Queer As... site that they can have a squiz at what we have and give us any tips!
2023-01-28 12:32:24
@sandyosullivan @QuinPeat @IndigFutures Thank them so much, that's marvellous! There were a couple on there that nobody has mentioned and I either didn't know or forgot about!!!!
2023-01-28 12:25:31
@sandyosullivan But it feels like an uphill battle when so many queer people can't see us and require us to conform to their worldview in order to count or be included. I know, I know, it's the colonial project of gender to contain and force containment. It's still disappointing.
2023-01-28 11:49:33
@sandyosullivan @Warnerward4 @IndigFutures Definitely!
2023-01-28 11:43:57
@sandyosullivan @Salfromaus @reidwriting @IndigFutures Ah of course... I recall it now (sorry!!!).
2023-01-28 11:26:46
@sandyosullivan @xx_che_xx I know, and honestly I wouldn't be with anyone who wanted me to... but it's tempting at times when you know the alternative.
2023-01-28 11:23:29
@sandyosullivan @biloquist @IndigFutures I love it for that because I love you! Can you believe I didn't even know about it!?!
2023-01-28 11:22:20
@sandyosullivan @chefrekabba @IndigFutures OFMD Always... and let's have all of our fingers crossed for #RenewALOTO!!!
2023-01-28 11:20:21
@sandyosullivan @BlythAJ @Jonatha61655535 @IndigFutures Same... a million times, same.
2023-01-28 11:19:28
@sandyosullivan @biloquist @IndigFutures I had written Julia down somewhere (loved it, binge watched it) but I completely forgot! I can't believe I'm saying this but I did NOT have Betty! Thanks so much!
2023-01-28 11:17:00
@sandyosullivan @DebBennett6 @IndigFutures Derry Girls I forgot about (though I think it's on our list).
2023-01-28 11:10:26
@sandyosullivan @Jonatha61655535 @BlythAJ @IndigFutures I think the resonances with Dr Who put it back into the frame.
2023-01-28 11:09:58
@sandyosullivan @JasonNTCheong @IndigFutures 'Sort of' is terrific!
2023-01-28 11:09:40
@sandyosullivan @Jonatha61655535 @BlythAJ @IndigFutures Of course!
2023-01-28 11:09:11
@sandyosullivan @neryssaazlan @IndigFutures Absolutely. I'm 56 so growing up I didn't even really see that (though weirdly Australia had a lot of queer characters on TV in the 70s). But also if they were queer they weren't diverse in any other way and obvs we're looking at complex queerness, & where we see that represented
2023-01-28 11:08:50
@sandyosullivan @BlythAJ @Jonatha61655535 @IndigFutures I dunno if there is a spin off, but that's right they are definitely a fine Victorian Lizard and missus.
2023-01-28 11:02:57
@sandyosullivan @StuntLoverAudio @quollhorreur @IndigFutures Ah... I haven't Game of Thronesed! That's an important one!
2023-01-28 11:02:16
@sandyosullivan @neryssaazlan @IndigFutures While we've had all of this, it's really important to hear that these are what's on all of our radars... that they matter, you know?
2023-01-28 11:01:48
@sandyosullivan @StuntLoverAudio @quollhorreur @IndigFutures Haha I did read it twice before I saw your next line! Fabulous!
2023-01-28 11:00:26
@sandyosullivan @MASHFanficChick @keandric Our audit has a lot of 'types' (hopefully less tropes) in it, and you better believe these all exist in there... I hope you'll have a look and let us know which ones we're missing!
2023-01-28 10:59:29
@sandyosullivan @xx_che_xx Even before Season 4 gave us ALL THE QUEERs, it had three leads (including Jeremy) and Jeremy's boyfriend (trying to avoid spoilers). Then Season 4, there were more! I mean the local nightclub was called The Glory Hole!
2023-01-28 10:51:50
@sandyosullivan @MidgeyKatAttack @IndigFutures I had no idea about that. Thank you so much!
2023-01-28 07:53:10
@sandyosullivan @MidgeyKatAttack @IndigFutures There’s 15 queer characters on A League of Their Own. That is an absolute benchmark for us.
2023-01-28 07:52:40
@sandyosullivan @nguyen_elissa @crookes_ellie @IndigFutures Yes, and other queer characters.
2023-01-28 07:48:29
@sandyosullivan @LilahRPGtt @IndigFutures Animation definitely counts. Because it’s so much cheaper than other products, it takes greater risks. So for this reason, we are seeing a lot more queer characters because we know that there is still a level of risk aversion in the inclusion of queerness.
2023-01-28 07:26:06
@sandyosullivan @quollhorreur @IndigFutures Actually Legends of Tomorrow, reminds me that there’s a bunch of CW shows that have queer characters. Of course, LOT has an adult non-animated asexual character, as well. I think I have that listed better check!
2023-01-28 07:19:12
@sandyosullivan @quollhorreur @IndigFutures You forgot Willow. Sorry, I’m kidding.
2023-01-28 07:18:03
@sandyosullivan @MidgeyKatAttack @IndigFutures Thank you so much for the detail on this. I haven’t seen every episode so I absolutely didn’t realise that.
2023-01-28 07:12:10
@sandyosullivan @xx_che_xx WE is definitely in there for other characters too!
2023-01-28 06:57:09
@sandyosullivan @Raw_Toast @IndigFutures Oh my god Matthew. That’s exactly what it is! Brilliant!
2023-01-28 06:51:47
@sandyosullivan @konstantkaos @IndigFutures It might just be outside of the scope. But at the same time it leads to other work so I think it needs to be included. It’s also doing some very interesting work around consent.
2023-01-28 06:44:43
@sandyosullivan @Raw_Toast @IndigFutures Sex education definitely. It’s funny there’s bits of it that are a conservative in their approach and I have to have a bit of a think about what I mean. It’s almost as if it’s made for an audience to shock, rather than be intriguing or something. But really important as well.
2023-01-28 06:19:16
@sandyosullivan @RenaeHayward @IndigFutures Heartstopper is definitely on there!
2023-01-28 06:12:54
@sandyosullivan @MagpieDiogenes @IndigFutures So, interestingly, I don’t know if I know it at all! I’ll have a squiz!
2023-01-28 06:09:32
@sandyosullivan @RenaeHayward @IndigFutures I completely forgot about glow! We definitely have heartbreak high on there! Thanks so much.
2023-01-28 06:08:46
@sandyosullivan @majazonjic @IndigFutures Definitely including animation. While we are not doing a number count, we do clock that there are many more queer characters in animation than elsewhere.
2023-01-28 06:08:12
@sandyosullivan @MagpieDiogenes @IndigFutures Ahhh. I’ll have to take a look, thanks!
2023-01-28 06:06:46
@sandyosullivan @xs_zhang6 @IndigFutures Sorry, I meant when words aren’t used!
2023-01-28 05:59:49
@sandyosullivan @xs_zhang6 @IndigFutures That is an important thing to look at. We are looking at when words are used, but they’re implied. In particular, the way that characters describe themselves.
2023-01-28 05:59:11
@sandyosullivan @TheArtOfCharts @IndigFutures Somebody was looking at Sandman. I think I found it a bit difficult to watch. Definitely on Gentleman Jack! Thanks so much
2023-01-28 05:58:22
@sandyosullivan @AsheRevenge @IndigFutures Wow, is that right? I didn’t have that at all on the system.
2023-01-28 05:57:34
@sandyosullivan @redlianak Exactly, and many on Turtle Island use own-community designations or of their choosing. Two-Spirit is obviously an important term for many, but as a recent term (only just over 30 years) it's preceded by other cultural terms. Lots of good writing on that by the people themselves.
2023-01-28 02:34:33
@sandyosullivan @redlianak Sure, it's the colonial project of gender (and sexuality). If you don't fit in the container they make for you, you don't fit anywhere. It's all incredibly limiting. Life limiting for a lot of people.
2023-01-28 02:26:59
@sandyosullivan @redlianak It's incessant. As an Aboriginal person I've had multiple agencies ask if they should describe me as a 'brotherboy' because their trans understanding can't move beyond the binary. Yes, by all means double-gender me cos I love that. Also it's infantilising; I'm 56 years old.
2023-01-28 02:25:33
@sandyosullivan @redlianak I say, we think, because in this continent we have no idea as we don't have stats... so it's going off limited reporting. And on that note, just because something affects two groups, doesn't mean they're affected in the same way, nor should be then treated in the same way.
2023-01-28 02:19:41
@sandyosullivan @redlianak Yep and a huge difference to talking about queerness/LGBTIQA+ when it's about queerness. This *can* apply when it comes to gendered violence too, which can affect all genders, but noting that it affects women & non-binary people- separately BTW -to a greater extent...we think 1/2
2023-01-28 02:17:54
@sandyosullivan @redlianak The resistance or insistence of people imposing the gender binary by stealth of 'femme' or 'masc' of non-binary people is equally odd. I mean people can be, but the desire for others to corral is odd and flawed.
2023-01-28 02:14:08
@sandyosullivan @redlianak In aligning non-binary people with women, it really does (as Yves Rees says) turn non-binary people into women-lite (sometimes, but less often men-lite regardless of assignation at birth). Yep, in making men the jumping off point, it turns them into the absolute focus.
2023-01-28 02:10:14
@sandyosullivan Meanwhile I owe myself a note: I keep 'liking' stuff that is entirely about the gender binary and explicitly excluding the rest of us. Gotta stop that.
2023-01-28 02:02:41
@sandyosullivan @StigMartyr Dammit, I didn’t get a chance to go today, so I can’t even answer that. Is fine still quite small because I think that might be the one.
2023-01-28 01:33:14
@sandyosullivan @Maggiefifty @CWattsie Me either. I've reported both tweets and now blocked them (my mistake I should have blocked them the first time but I was working).
2023-01-27 06:10:17
@sandyosullivan All the stationery?
2023-01-27 06:09:45
@sandyosullivan @CWattsie The 'death of Indigenous'... what does that mean. It's the death of my brother, and elsewhere you've claimed I'm not... how does this even compute in your brain?
2023-01-27 06:04:24
@sandyosullivan @doessheeek @just_plain_Rick @CWattsie Me too.
2023-01-27 04:17:55
@sandyosullivan @Swayn @skepticdropbear *block*
2023-01-27 04:17:39
@sandyosullivan @CaitTzar Also, no, not really... I mean excluding is excluding. I don't think this is that... I think some people have a strong commitment to the binary, whether cis or trans, and I tend to challenge that, but their reasons are nuanced. Some clueless, some intentional.
2023-01-27 03:11:27
@sandyosullivan @CaitTzar Colonial
2023-01-27 02:33:03
@sandyosullivan @CWattsie It takes a special kind of creep to decide to respond to a tweet talking about a family member whose died.
2023-01-26 11:27:35
@sandyosullivan @pandaporkchop @PythagsaurusRex @hughmurphy00 No. It’s better to not exclude an entire group that are otherwise included in the sentiment.
2023-01-26 08:27:31
@sandyosullivan @pandaporkchop @PythagsaurusRex @hughmurphy00 I don’t know what this means, genuinely. Brothers, sisters, siblings are all in common use. If they don’t feel comfortable to you, don’t use them. We say ‘kin’.
2023-01-26 08:26:46
@sandyosullivan 2023 work(ish) photo. I’m off twitter for the next few days. Thanks to all who challenged the colonial project and the nonsense that is Jan 26 on this continent. Wish me luck for three days of writing.
2023-01-26 08:12:34
@sandyosullivan @pandaporkchop @PythagsaurusRex @hughmurphy00 I don’t know what you mean. What would you call me? Obviously I’m suggesting sibling because that’s what I use and what a lot of people not in the binary use. I expect it, and it’s in common use.
2023-01-26 08:02:49
@sandyosullivan @HelenRobertson4 So, they’re having a go at another trans person for asking for inclusion.
2023-01-26 07:59:50
@sandyosullivan @timidheathen Genuinely, I mean it’s not my fight. I can barely stay on top of arguing for inclusion in this continent.
2023-01-26 07:51:38
@sandyosullivan @timidheathen I just mean it’s not my fight, British trans people can exclude all they want.
2023-01-26 07:50:00
@sandyosullivan @timidheathen Because there’s a bunch of trans-people arguing with me that everyone says brother and sister.
2023-01-26 07:49:21
@sandyosullivan Blockety-block.
2023-01-26 07:47:18
@sandyosullivan I really need to stop arguing with British people. It really is a hiding to nowhere. Though I didn’t have on my bingo card, but a bunch of other trans people would be so lily-livered about expecting inclusion.
2023-01-26 07:46:45
@sandyosullivan @Gherkin_Fiend @hughmurphy00 You’re included, I’m not.
2023-01-26 07:45:03
@sandyosullivan @Gherkin_Fiend @hughmurphy00 Taking crumbs. The shout down against someone that this actually affects is how this always works.
2023-01-26 07:44:41
@sandyosullivan @DrJBoseovski @LuRongze @academic_exit Also in America, if this is where the discussion lands, there are massive disparities and postdocs earn half what they do in my country. Academics also a lot less. It doesn’t seem to account for these kinds of discrepancies even across the American market.
2022-12-30 12:18:32
@sandyosullivan Does anyone have any recommendations for non-game discord servers that are queer-friendly?
2022-12-30 12:14:51
@sandyosullivan @FieldLolo I don’t have dairy, but I do often have it with soy milk.
2022-12-30 12:13:09
@sandyosullivan Just a reminder that if someone misgenders me when I’m not present, correct them. Don’t just let it slide because I’m not there.
2022-12-30 11:47:47
@sandyosullivan @Frank61pc I mean sure obviously but also it’s a song that I can just listen to no matter what.
2022-12-30 11:11:32
@sandyosullivan VU's Heroin is still my favourite song all these years later.
2022-12-30 11:03:45
@sandyosullivan @Lady_of_Floors Yeah let’s not leave that to government.
2022-12-30 09:29:28
@sandyosullivan It's been almost 3 years since the pandemic began. A lot's changed for many of us. I've developed an appreciation for getting on and doing things that matter for others, and in contrast of living in the moment. Also, more frivolously, for iced coffee. #100DaysOfIndigiQueerCare
2022-12-30 06:17:03
@sandyosullivan @Fibee20 @ZoeWundenberg That's fantastic news!
2022-12-30 05:53:45
@sandyosullivan @FieldLolo It totally is, but it's a slippery slope (that I would totally fall down) if I am affogato-ing my coffee.
2022-12-30 03:49:56
@sandyosullivan @PharaohKatt Nice art and pictures of animals is the best!
2022-12-30 03:23:44
@sandyosullivan @AsheRevenge @kristin8X @headkittens Unless I know? It says you're blocked, let's go with I'm blocked, which is precisely what I said.
2022-12-30 03:14:37
@sandyosullivan @PharaohKatt Oh... nice!
2022-12-30 02:56:26
@sandyosullivan @kristin8X @headkittens
2022-12-30 02:55:17
@sandyosullivan @kristin8X @headkittens Probably not from someone who has blocked me, lol.
2022-12-30 02:08:54
@sandyosullivan I dunno if there are any writing ones? I know of one that might be being revived, but are there any that folks know about?
2022-12-30 01:27:16
@sandyosullivan @Angale_WMuwadda @IndigFutures We deserve it, Wilo!
2022-12-29 11:15:07
@sandyosullivan This from yesterday. Be around people who make your world so much better. @IndigFutures #100DaysOfIndigiQueerCare
2022-12-29 09:22:15
@sandyosullivan @abstractslug Damn our bodies… magical as they are!
2022-12-29 05:27:42
@sandyosullivan @DebKilroy Right back atcha Debbie... I'm so glad you're in the world!
2022-12-29 05:16:40
@sandyosullivan Also, I could really do with a haircut! One was booked in but Covid aftermath got in the way (wasn't 100% sure I was finally testingnegative so had to cancel). But I have a booking for early January, worry not!
2022-12-29 05:13:12
@sandyosullivan @abstractslug So true. I think because many people feel complex feelings about their bodies they also think it's the same as that. In fact I think I felt it was that for a long time... and you know, helpfully (lol!) you can have both! But seriously it's different and reassurances aren't it.
2022-12-29 05:07:53
@sandyosullivan Bodies are amazing. Even as I talk about gender dysphoria in relation to my own body, I still appreciate it for holding up. 56 (57 in a few months) seemed impossible a few years ago and I'm so grateful to be this age, still around doing useful work. #100DaysOfIndigiQueerCare
2022-12-29 05:01:43
@sandyosullivan @skepticdropbear I need you to focus on feeling better, is what I need!
2022-12-29 01:50:14
@sandyosullivan @grotwort Oh yeah, I mean I'm 56! I was talking about another person, lol! I agree... all just numbers!
2022-12-28 12:11:26
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