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Editor Portland, OR 1 year ago

ProjectWise Explorer No Auto-Sign On & Not Correctly Using ...

I have a PW Explorer User who must manually login. If he checks the Windows Authentication box when logging into PW Explorer, it logs him in ...

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Disciplined India 1 year ago

ProjectWise Online Extranet: Home

Welcome to ProjectWise Online. If you already have a ProjectWise Online Account please use the "Sign In" button located in the upper right hand portion of ...

Explainer Bergambacht, Netherlands 1 year ago

How to Install and Configure ProjectWise Explorer CONNECT

This document describes how to install ProjectWise Explorer, which is the Windows client component for SHA's engineering document management ...

Curious Oslo, Norway 1 year ago

NCDOT ProjectWise Explorer User Guide

An account will be created for you for each datasource you need to log in to. • Your login account will be the same as the user name and password you used to ...

Outspoken Quebec, Canada 1 year ago

ProjectWise Deliverables Management Workflow - GDOT

2. If you have an existing Bentley Account for your GDOT email address, enter your email address and password and select Sign In to log in and connect ...

Informed 1 year ago

ProjectWise Explorer Installation - State of Michigan

ProjectWise SS4 Explorer and Tools Installation Instructions. – External Users. Overview ... In the ProjectWise Explorer Log in window:.

Guru Adelaide, Australia 1 year ago

ProjectWise Support – Freese and Nichols

This site provides support on setting up ProjectWise to connect to FNI's hosted datasources. ... ProjectWise Explorer Installation

Scholar 1 year ago

ProjectWise Explorer CONNECT Edition Installation and ...

Installation Procedure: · Options to access ProjectWise Configuration (Admin rights may be necessary). Go to Control Panel & Select ProjectWise Network OR · Enter ...

Scholar Southampton, United Kingdom 1 year ago

ProjectWise Explorer Configuration

6. Select the following items from the ProjectWise Explorer Log in dialog that appears. a. Datasource: DELDOT Production: b. Authentication: ...

Guru San Diego, CA 1 year ago

Using ProjectWise Explorer for File Transfer -

Use the link below to register for a log in and password for ProjectWise. ... To access ProjectWise Web Explorer use the link below:.

Organizer San Francisco, CA, United States 1 year ago

Doing Business with INDOT: ProjectWise -

ProjectWise Links. ProjectWise Explorer CONNECT This the current version of the ProjectWise Explorer client for download and installation when using the INDOT ...

Guru 1 year ago

Connecting to the CTDOT Projectwise Datasource using Thick ...

This document gives direction on how to connect to the CTDOT Projectwise datasource using. Projectwise Thick Client. l. Open Projectwise Explorer.

Refiner 1 year ago

Projectwise Explorer

17) The Projectwise Explorer Login dialog box appears, enter the credentials provided by. LAN Projectwise Administrator or by contacting an LAN Project Manager.

Disciplined 1 year ago

ProjectWise - Location and Design Division - Location and ...

Bentley ProjectWise is now the document management system for VDOT. ... Job Aids - All job aids accessible in ProjectWise (User login account required) ...

Explainer 1 year ago

Introduction Table of Contents ProjectWise Portal - Virginia ...

communications through the Bentley CONNECT Web Portal. ... platform and ProjectWise Explorer for Project Team Members and Reviewers of submittal working on ...

Populist Mountain View, CA, United States 1 year ago

ProjectWise Support - MDOT

ProjectWise is MDOT's electronic document tool used by both internal MDOT staff ... requires software installation and username/password login credentials.

Populist Montreal, Canada 1 year ago

BIM4NR Problem Solving Guide (ProjectWise) - NR BIM Portal

The BIM4NR datasource is usually added to ProjectWise explorer as ... Login error when opening a MS Word document from ProjectWise explorer.

Outspoken 1 year ago

Adding ITD's ProjectWise Datasource to ... -

Open ProjectWise Explorer, select Tools from the Menu Bar, and then select ... Double Click the PWITD(Gateway) Datasource and the login screen will appear.

Refiner Pretoria South Africa 1 year ago

ProjectWise Frequently Asked Questions -

Go to file explorer and see if your network drives are connected. ... Question 4: When the ProjectWise login screen appears what user name and password do I ...

Legendary Belgrade, Serbia 1 year ago

ProjectWise CONNECT Edition (Update 3.4) Download

ProjectWise is a cloud-based software suite designed for the collaboration and content management of mid to large scale infrastructure ...

Editor San Jose, CA 1 year ago

the projectwise explorer client

ProjectWise will use your Windows (WSDOT) login and password to open the session. You can also select the Use Windows Single Sign-On button.

Legendary 1 year ago

Buy ProjectWise Explorer Virtuoso Subscription | Virtuosity

Integrated Modeling and Documentation Workflows with CONNECT Edition · Work in a common environment for comprehensive project delivery · Access learning, ...

Explainer Sydney NSW, Australia 1 year ago

ProjectWise Download - La DOTD

ProjectWise Explorer is an ideal platform for managing drawing storage, security, workflow, editing, viewing, searching, comparing and upload/download.

Guru New York City 1 year ago

Stipulate to Bentley that any license you would get should allow you to install a Bentley ProjectWise Explorer desktop client and use it to connect via a ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into ProjectWise Explorer?

Log in with your ProjectWise administrator account credentials. To manually enter the credentials of an administrative account (can be a logical account or a Windows account):
  1. Set Authentication to ProjectWise.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password. Password is case-sensitive.
  3. Click Log in.

How do I access ProjectWise?

To get to ProjectWise Web, go to the CONNECT Center (, then open your ProjectWise project (from the ProjectWise Projects section) and click the ProjectWise Web Connections tile.

How do I install ProjectWise in Explorer?

To Install ProjectWise Explorer
  1. Double-click the Setup_ProjectWise_Explorerx64_10. 00.03. ...
  2. Accept the license agreement, change the installation locations if needed (if possible), and click Next. ...
  3. The ProjectWise Explorer item is preselected. ...
  4. When installation is complete, click Finish.

What is ProjectWise Explorer?

ProjectWise® is an application that controls a MicroSoft SQL Database. ... It has the look and feel of MicroSoft Windows Explorer and is the backbone for CAD production and efficient file transfer of data in and out of the system. It also offers the ability to collaborate over the web.

Who uses Bentley software?

Around the world, engineers and architects, constructors and owner-operators are using Bentley's software solutions to accelerate project delivery and improve asset performance for the infrastructure that sustains our economy and our environment.

How do I download MicroStation software?

Steps to Accomplish
  1. Go to and click on GO TO CONNECT CENTER.
  2. Insert your SELECT credentials to Log in, click "Next" button.
  3. Once you have logged in, on the bottom of the page click the icon Software Downloads.

How do I log into Bentley?

To login to the Bentley connection client you will use your full email address and just click in the Password field – this should automatically log you. Now that you are logged into the Connection Client, you will want to minimize it.

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@BentleySystems One of the world’s oldest airports, but soon Sydney Airport will become one of the most advanced. 📰 Read about the steps its operator, Maps@Syd, has taken towards achieving a fully-fledged, real-time digital twin to help maintain & manage the facility.
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@BentleySystems The building sector is responsible for about 40% of global emissions. Governments, and engineering & construction firms are pledging to commit to decarbonization efforts. What can be done to empower and support those efforts to combat climate change?
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@BentleySystems Guess what SYNCHRO users? Here's a New Year's resolution you can cross off your list early. Earn your Bentley #SYNCHRO Professional Accreditation to showcase your knowledge in 4D/5D models, construction projects & field data management. Get started ➡️
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@BentleySystems Hard to believe but true: only 5% of the data generated by infrastructure organizations are used for analytics, or used to derive insights! Start leveraging the other 95% of your data with portfolio intelligence from #ProjectWise, powered by #iTwin.
2023-01-18 04:12:22
@BentleySystems "We talk about the #Metaverse as the future, but it's here." #3DFT, our file export service, opens doors to the infrastructure metaverse empowering users to experience immersive #digitaltwins. 👀 Check out these recent developments from Bentley's iLab.
2023-01-17 10:00:06
@BentleySystems Tasked to design a fortified bridge that could be easily constructed in a mountainous area while withstanding strong earthquakes, Louis Berger used #ProjectWise & #STAAD. Learn how this project provides safe, reliable travel to a temple in India: @CIbyRoma
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@BentleySystems Overcoming "holiday hangover" and shifting back to "work mode" is a challenge for professionals and teams in any industry. @ForbesTechCncl, which includes Bentley's Claire Rutkowski, shares these tips for refocusing your teams after a holiday break.
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@BentleySystems NOT breaking news: The structures of ancient Rome have survived for millennia. Roman engineers were ahead of their time. What's new? Scientists now understand why. And, those insights may help manufacturing concrete more sustainable. @CNN
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@BentleySystems We applaud Reps. @RepStricklandWA and @NMalliotakis for leading a bipartisan letter to USDOT @SecretaryPete urging increased use of proven technologies to modernize the construction and management of U.S. infrastructure projects.
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@BentleySystems DYK? You can quickly & easily connect your native 3D design model to a cloud model in #ProjectWise? 🎞️ Watch these videos to learn how to create a dynamic connection to the cloud for an efficient closed-loop cloud-based design review process. #tutorials
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@BentleySystems @AndrewTheTM 👋We're on it! Please DM us your address.
2023-01-12 01:56:17
@BentleySystems A new year often signals a fresh start, and #AEC firms should consider resolutions for year-round success. Bentley's Claire Rutkowski discusses the critical resolutions AEC firms may want to consider. 🎞️ Watch the entire conversation w/ @ENRnews
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@BentleySystems ATTN: Wastewater plant managers, #DYK you can track all changes & issues within your #PlantSight digital twin, thus reducing your design review time? Don't miss this Jan. 11 webinar. It'll cover how to use it for more than just immersive visualization. 📝
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@BentleySystems NASA's $1BN Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission will survey water on more than 90% of the world’s surface. The satellite’s data can also help communities better prepare for flooding and other water-related disasters. @CNN #water #SWOT
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@BentleySystems Our job is to equip our users, through training, and provide access to all available resources to help them in their digital transformation, says Katriona Lord-Levins Bentley's Chief Success Officer. @techxmediauae
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@BentleySystems 💡Quick tip for #MicroStation users: Use a lower resolution to “fine tune” your model before performing a higher-res rendering. You’re welcome. 😏 Watch to learn more about using Vue Rendering & for more tips for producing photo-realistic renderings.
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@BentleySystems “The finance community has a huge opportunity to use their influence[...]to create a greener, fairer, safer future.” Read why investors have a significant chance to reap the benefits of #digitaltwins by playing a role in transforming #infrastructure.
2023-01-08 01:56:00
@BentleySystems Using digital twins, engineers are delivering new power stations & reimagining old ones. Bentley's Allistair Stubbs & Richard Irwin discuss the leading challenges in the energy industry and the power of data democratization. 📰 Continue reading: @techhq
2023-01-07 08:10:01
@BentleySystems The IIJA & IRA make notable changes to the permitting review process. Bentley’s David Lieberman shares his thoughts on how the environmental review process led to improving our air & water quality & why the acts will stimulate the construction industry.
2023-01-06 11:10:00
@BentleySystems ICYMI: 🎞️ Check out our chat w/ @wsp on the benefits of digital delivery in bridge design and construction. Plus, hear insights about the Interstate Bridge Replacement project. @bdebridgeweb
2023-01-06 05:05:02
@BentleySystems On this day in 1933, construction of the iconic #GoldenGateBridge began to connect San Francisco to Marin County. When it officially opened in 1937, it was both the longest & tallest #suspension #bridge in the world, w/ a total length of about 1.7 miles (2.7km). #engineering #tbt
2023-01-05 01:05:21
@BentleySystems .@cctech_india joined the growing ecosystem of software developers enabling #digitaltwin solutions w/ the Bentley #iTwin Platform. CCTech's HVAC-Twin enables users to leverage IoT data to optimize the design & performance of #HVAC systems. 📰
2023-01-04 10:19:00
@BentleySystems What is ahead for digital twins in 2023? @VentureBeat shares 10 trends and lists the innovators pioneering more efficient ways to connect data across different tools and systems to fuel advancements in infrastructure, engineering, and beyond. 📰
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@BentleySystems In the AEC industry, many designers and engineers have a practical concern – will #AI negatively disrupt how we build #infrastructure? Learn how Bentley's iLAB team explores applying emerging tech to the design, construction, & operation of infrastructure.
2022-12-31 08:08:05
@BentleySystems DYK? Creating custom materials for your #MicroStation projects is easier than you think. Watch this video 🎞️ to learn how to simply use an image to create a sense of depth and realism in #3D design projects. #infrastructure #visualization #tutorial
2022-12-31 02:34:00
@BentleySystems Migrating legacy projects? OpenRoads Designer has many workflows to help move a variety of data types incl. terrain, geometry, superelevation & traffic management. These short videos cover how to approach these various scenarios.
2022-12-30 05:35:00
@BentleySystems Over the next 5 years, the U.S. government will make historic levels of funding available for the transportation, energy, & water industries. This article lays out how to prepare for #IIJA funding & why it's time to prioritize the use of digital technology
2022-12-29 08:20:01
@BentleySystems #Evercam recently joined the growing ecosystem of software developers enabling digital twin solutions with the Bentley #iTwin Platform. @evrcm's 4D View allows users easier access to real-time videos and project design data for better collaboration.
2022-12-28 01:54:00
@BentleySystems Bentley's Greg Demchak discusses the development & implementation of #3D renderings & #digitaltwins for #construction projects such as the @iterorg's tokamak to harness fusion #energy. 🎧 Listen: via @reliability #iTwin #ITER #VR #AR #XR
2022-12-27 10:23:05
@BentleySystems 👀 Get to know Mike Campbell, our Chief Product Officer. With over three decades of experience in high tech, Mike is energized to help further the mission of helping our users to better build, construct, and operate better #infrastructure.
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@BentleySystems .@SydneyAirport spans 906 hectares & includes 3 runways, and 3 terminals, w/ 400+ buildings. It's one of the world’s oldest airports, but will soon become one of the most advanced. Read about the steps being taken to create a real-time digital twin:
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Advocacy groups have long championed accommodating the needs of cyclists & pedestrians for #road projects & advances in digital tech are driving innovation. 📰 Read how the #CompleteStreets approach helps maximize #transportation choices that benefit all.
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Going digital is a common theme, but its effectiveness must come from targeted goals to reduce the global carbon footprint. Bentley’s Glen Worrall shares how the DT Toolkit roadmap can deliver a digital twin suitable for embodied carbon reporting. 📰
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@BentleySystems In no other field is the dichotomy between “green” & “digital” more relevant than in relation to transforming Europe's energy system. Read how the #infrastructure digital twins “ecosystem” approach ties to the European Commission’s renewable energy goals.
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Have you checked out the complete civil design solution set, yet? Learn about all of the tools you'll need - for transportation, land development, and water – in one place. Bonus: these tools are designed to work together. See for yourself: #CivilComplete
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Happy Holidays from Bentley Systems! Wishing a joyous and prosperous 🎇 New Year 🎆 to all of our users, colleagues, partners, and the broader Bentley community. #HappyHolidays #HappyNewYear
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Globally, AEC firms are evolving & addiing #infrastructure digital twins to their ecosystems. Elements like reliable power grids & water systems are critical for maintaining a solid standard of living. This article examines how this can be achieved. 📰
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Using digital twins, engineers are delivering new power stations & reimagining old ones. Bentley's Allistair Stubbs and Richard Irwin discuss the leading challenges in the energy industry and the power of data democratization. Read the full Q&A: @techhq
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@BentleySystems 👀 Looking for tips & tricks to improve your skills 🤓📚, product updates, & info to help you get the most from your Bentley software? Check out our Digital Currency Newsletters. ✍️ Subscribe to the industry-focused version that best meets your interests:
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Water resources organizations & utilities are struggling to manage ongoing crises and prepare for future events. Check out 5 ways that digitalization & modeling can mitigate the effects of climate change on a city’s water infrastructure. via @WaterWorld
2022-12-18 00:00:00
@BentleySystems Thanks for hosting a great convo, @bdebridgeweb! 🎞️ Watch our chat w/ @wsp on the benefits of digital delivery in bridge design and construction. Also, hear insights about the Interstate Bridge Replacement project.
2022-12-17 00:00:00
@BentleySystems We welcome @evrcm to the growing ecosystem of software developers enabling digital twin solutions w/ Bentley's #iTwin Platform. Evercam's 4D View allows users easier access to real-time videos & project design data for better project collaboration.
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@BentleySystems In the AEC industry, many designers and engineers have a practical concern – will #AI negatively disrupt how we build #infrastructure? Learn how Bentley's iLAB team explores applying emerging tech to the design, construction, & operation of infrastructure.
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@BentleySystems While many industries currently suffer from skills shortages, the issue is particularly acute in #water. Advancing digitalization to take advantage of new technology can help overcome the challenges of today and prepare for tomorrow. 📰 @British_Water
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@BentleySystems With the help of #digital tools, travel times between the #Indonesian cities of Jakarta & Bandung are expected to be slashed from up to 5 hours to just 36 minutes with its first high-speed #rail line. 📰 Read about this #YII2022 winning project @ncedigital
2022-12-13 10:19:00
@BentleySystems When infrastructure #digitaltwins & the #metaverse collide, the boundaries are beautifully blurred allowing engineers to experience digital immersion during the 4D planning & collaboration for their projects. 📰 Read Keith Bentley's @VentureBeat guest post
2022-12-13 02:07:00
@BentleySystems Read this recap of a recent roundtable discussion about technology in #infrastructure with Bentley's key leadership team members. Insights on how to encourage people to consider a career in #construction or #engineering were also shared. @ConstructechMag
2022-12-11 08:17:05
@BentleySystems Migrating legacy projects? #OpenRoads Designer has many workflows to help move a variety of data types incl. terrain, geometry, superelevation & traffic management. These short videos cover how to approach these various scenarios. #tutorials #playlists
2022-12-11 02:20:01
@BentleySystems We caught up with Digital Water Strategies Analyst, Nina Rossiter of Bluefield Research to hear her POV about the biggest challenges facing water utilities throughout the industry. Hear what she has to say... #YII2022 @BluefieldWater
2022-12-10 02:18:20
@BentleySystems From reality modeling and IoT sensors, to AI and simulation, Bentley is exploring how these technologies can be used to effectively monitor infrastructure assets, such as dams and other concrete structures, over time. #sensemetrics #Niricson #YII2022
2022-12-09 10:55:00
@BentleySystems Removing 20 crossings & constructing 13 new stations was part of Melbourne’s level crossing removal initiative. @ACCIONA_EN used Bentley's #SYNCHRO solutions to deliver the project on time w/ minimal disruption for travelers. More on this #YII2022 winner:
2022-12-09 05:31:06
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