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Create an account to see what your friends are talking about and let them answer your questions. google sign in. Login with Password. Register with Password ...

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How to Connect Tellonym to Instagram, how to -

Are you wondering how to link your Tellonym profile to your Instagram account? To connect Instagram to your Tellonym, follow our simple guide!

Organizer 11 months ago

Unofficial Tellonym SDK for Python - GitHub

Contribute to Logxn/tellonym-python development by creating an account on GitHub. ... Tellonym(username, password) profile = client.get_profile() ...

Disciplined Menlo Park, CA 11 months ago

Tellonym Login - Database Di Accesso

Tellonym allows you to receive anonymous and honest feedback from everyone who is important to you. … google sign in. Login with Password.

Editor Clarkston, MI, United States 10 months ago

Remove a Connected App - Snapchat Support

... connected apps to access data at login, other than Display Name and Bitmoji. ... to provide a third-party app with your Snapchat username and password!

Informed 10 months ago

Tellonym 3.13.0 for Android - Download

Tellonym can connect you with your friends or with other users from all over the world to create a large pool of questions, answers and messages to pique ...

Legendary Planet Earth 9 months ago

Warning against using Tellonym - St Mary's High School ...

Tellonym is an anonymous messaging app that was launched on iOS and Android in 2016. It's available for free on both the App Store and the ...

Disciplined Bengaluru, India 9 months ago

Tellonym Login | Kostenlos anmelden & einloggen - GIGA

Über Tellonym könnt ihr Fragen stellen, um anonym Antworten von euren Freunden zu ... Um mitzumachen, ist ein Login bei Tellonym notwendig.

Organizer 8 months ago

Online Safety - Leicester - Avanti Schools Trust

Please click on the links below to find out more. Amazon Alexa · Overwatch · Persuasive design · Tellonym · Fake News · League of Legends.

Reviewer Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 8 months ago

The Tellonym App Encourages Students to be Anonymous ...

When teens connect anonymous apps to their Instagram or Snapchat they open themselves up to being targeted by strangers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my Tellonym?

You can download our iOS app or Android app and follow the instructions there. Or just go to and press 'New Account'. You only need a phone number or email address to register.

How do I change my Tellonym password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can press “Need help with login?” during the login process. Here you can choose email, if you linked a valid one to your account. You will then receive an email with a link so you can change your password.

Are there bots on Tellonym?

generally yes. i do know what bots send and what bots don't send, there's a bit of a gray area that both real people and bots would send though (like it's a tell frequently sent by bots but i wouldn't be surprised if a real person asked it) ...

How do you use Tellonym?

How does the Tellonym app work? Tellonym users can receive messages through the platform which are called 'Tells'. Every Tell is sent and received to the recipient's private inbox, which no one else can see. Then, only if a user decides to answer a Tell, the original Tell, and the answer becomes visible to other users.

Is there a way to find out who sent a Tellonym?

Well, the special part about anonymous Tells is that we don't reveal who sent them. This is not going to change in the future. However, in cases of content that is strongly violating local laws, we do work with law enforcement agencies to find the person that is responsible.

What is Tellonym used for?

Tellonym is a messaging network that is accessible on the Web and through the Android and iOS application. The name is derived from Tell and “Anonym” (the German word for anonymously). Tellonym allows users to send messages through the platform, both anonymous and non-anonymous.

Do bots send tells on Tellonym?

generally yes. i do know what bots send and what bots don't send, there's a bit of a gray area that both real people and bots would send though (like it's a tell frequently sent by bots but i wouldn't be surprised if a real person asked it) ...

Is Tellonym private?

Created in 2016, by three students, Tellonym is an anonymous messaging app that lets you ask and answer questions about each other anonymously and non-anonymously, it's popular among teens.

Recent Tweets By tellonym

@Tellonym "Why my tells save automatically into my gallery. how can i off this??" - Your answers won’t be saved to your gallery anymore if you turn off Snapchat sharing. To do that, uncheck the box with the Snapchat icon that you see in the lower right... #tellonym
2023-01-19 05:04:16
@Tellonym "How do I turn on message notifications?" - Go to your app settings > 'Push Notifications'. You can enable
2023-01-17 05:01:57
@Tellonym "how to post a picture or attachment" - When clicking on a Tell, you can see two little icons in the lower left corner of your answer box. With the camera icon, you can take a new picture and attach it - with the photo icon next to it, you ca... #tellonym
2023-01-14 01:10:47
@Tellonym "How do I know how many people I've blocked? I mean is there's any "blocked list" in the app settings?" - Yes, you can find the list by going to 'Safety' > 'Blocked Users' in settings :) #tellonym
2023-01-12 05:03:07
@Tellonym "I'm trying to add my social links on my tellonym account but it's showing it is invalid everytime i try to add them. How to fix it ? Please reply back." - Most likely you added a space at the end of the username. Try to just type in the user... #tellonym
2023-01-10 05:02:28
@Tellonym "Hi [email protected] is an email?" - Yes, that's our support email 😇 #tellonym
2023-01-06 05:09:43
@Tellonym "Why sometimes the numbers of my tells increse but I can't see the tells ?" - We use automatic filters to block spam and harassment. If we’ve detected inappropriate content and removed it, your Tell count will still increase without a message... #tellonym
2023-01-05 05:01:52
@Tellonym "How can i make a tellonym link in my insta bio?" - On your Tellonym profile tap on 'Share profile' to copy your link. Then go to Instagram > 'Edit profile' > 'Add link' and paste it there :) #tellonym
2023-01-02 05:14:04
@Tellonym "Can you add an option in the app to create your own community? That would be awesome :)" - We are already working on that! We can't say when exactly it will happen but stay tuned 🚀 #tellonym
2022-12-30 05:02:16
@Tellonym "Can i delete the tell that i send to someone before he answered it or not ?" - No that‘s not possible. You can only hide sent tells from viewing in your sent tells list, but you can‘t delete a tell from the recipient‘s side #tellonym
2022-12-16 05:02:00
@Tellonym "How do I retrieve a deleted message" - It’s not possible to restore deleted messages on your own. However, you can contact our support for help with this :) #tellonym
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@Tellonym ".. how can i change background sharing my profile on instagram store?" - Tap on 'share' on any of your replies > tap 'Change' next to 'Edit Sticker' and choose a background :) #tellonym
2022-12-13 00:00:00
@Tellonym "Hi I would like to hide my online status so no one could see I’m online. It will be a useful future every app has it" - We already have this option! Just scroll to the very bottom of your app settings > 'More'. There’s a toggle for turning t... #tellonym
2022-12-12 00:00:00
@Tellonym @lajwiczek_tv Please reach out to our support team here: [email protected]
2022-12-12 00:00:00
@Tellonym "Can I put my following and followers to only I can see" - Not for your followers, but you can follow others anonymously and they'll be only visible to you in your followings list :) #tellonym
2022-12-09 00:00:00
@Tellonym "Is there any way or app to reveal the sender’s name?" - No, please don’t fall for any scams. Messages on Tellonym are completely anonymous, there’s no way to reveal the sender! #tellonym
2022-12-08 00:00:00
@Tellonym "can i see the history of the tells i send anonymously ?" - Yes, go to your inbox and tap on 'Sent Tells' at the top ☺️ #tellonym
2022-12-07 00:00:00
@Tellonym "I just had someone who was following me send me a tell with their username revealed to me, but when I answered the tell, their username was hidden. I was giv..." - You can decide whether to show or hide the username when you answer the tell ... #tellonym
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@Tellonym "I don't know how to send answers to ig stories. Can you explain?" - If you tick the Instagram box while answering a tell, your answer will be automatically shared. Or you can go to your profile
2022-12-01 00:00:00
@Tellonym "can i added the bio of tellonym on whatsapp ? and how.." - If you want to add your tellonym link on whatsapp you can do that as a status and your friends will be able to follow the link to your profile (open whatsapp and tap status > tap th... #tellonym
2022-11-26 00:00:00
@Tellonym "how do you put private account on tellonym?" - It’s not possible to have a private account on Tellonym, sorry! #tellonym
2022-11-25 00:00:00
@Tellonym "I use Tellonym from my laptop and can't see the DM button! Why?" - DMs are generally only available in the app, that’s why there are no DM buttons when using the browser version #tellonym
2022-11-24 00:00:00
@Tellonym "How do I put Like👍🏻 anonymously ?" - It's not something you can set, sorry! If you're not the sender of the message (or you’ve removed the sender status) your like will display your username. And if you are the sender of the message, your ... #tellonym
2022-11-22 00:00:00
@Tellonym "How can I add my tellonym to my tik tok bio like instagram?" - To add a link to your TikTok bio, go to your profile and tap 'Edit profile' > 'Add your website'. However, you need to first switch your account to 'business', otherwise TikTok d... #tellonym
2022-11-18 00:00:00
@Tellonym "How can I delete my notification in notification bar" - You can delete notifications from your notification list by swiping them to the left :) #tellonym
2022-11-17 00:00:00
@Tellonym Thank you to krisenchat for their work and to you guys that talk to us, give us feedback and made this donation possible! @krisenchat
2022-11-16 00:00:00
@Tellonym "Why can't those who did not download the application send messages via the link?" - Sounds like you have the "tells only from registered users" option enabled. You can check this in your settings under 'Safety Options' and disable the option... #tellonym
2022-11-15 00:00:00
@Tellonym "How do I set up two accounts and navigate easily and not log out with each account?" - There’s no option yet to switch easily between two accounts. You have to log out first before logging into another one #tellonym
2022-11-11 00:00:00
@Tellonym "Can someone without a Tellonym Account send you Tells? And is it still possible to block those?" - Yes, people can write you via your profile link without needing an account. If you don’t want to receive Tells from unregistered people, you c... #tellonym
2022-11-10 00:00:00
@Tellonym "can i see the account of the sender if i buy the Tellonym plus ?" - No, we only give subtle hints about the sender but never reveal their username or any confidential data #tellonym
2022-11-09 00:00:00
@Tellonym "Hi I have a question that I hope you can answer When my Tellonym Plus subscription ends, does the red/green color and emojis 👻😈🦋🥰🐶 end too?" - You can only use them when the subscription is active. As soon as the subscription ends, the... #tellonym
2022-11-08 05:02:55
@Tellonym "how i can cancel tellonym plus" - You can cancel TellonymPlus in your App Store or Play Store account under 'subscriptions' :) #tellonym
2022-11-07 05:09:39
@Tellonym "What is the [DM] field !?" - If you click the DM button on someone’s profile, you can send them a chat request. If they accept this request, the two of you can have a private conversation that no one else can see :) #tellonym
2022-11-05 05:01:13
@Tellonym "I don't know how to send answers to ig stories. Can you explain?" - If you tick the Instagram box while answering a tell, your answer will be automatically shared. Or you can go to your profile
2022-11-04 05:02:45
@Tellonym "Why are pictures of my friends considerd sensitive content?" - Sometimes pictures are flagged falsely. But we do check all flagged pictures and remove the sensitivity overlay if the content is fine! :) #tellonym
2022-11-03 05:02:05
@Tellonym Here's how you can share your tells to IG stories. Have you tried it before? #tellonym
2022-11-02 10:37:00
@Tellonym "When i delete answer why it doesn’t appear on the sent tells?" - Answers that are older than 24h won’t return as tell into your inbox again if you delete them. Those that aren’t older than 24h always return though #tellonym
2022-11-01 05:02:48
@Tellonym "how do I know who is following me anonymously?" - There’s no way of knowing that, anonymous followers can’t be revealed! 🤫 #tellonym
2022-10-31 05:03:01
@Tellonym "i hope we can put 3-4 tells in one instagram story." - Yea this is something we're working on and want to make available soon. Will keep you updated #tellonym
2022-10-30 05:47:59
@Tellonym "Will people ever know that I sent myself tells?" - No, the sender of a tell will always stay anonymous, also when sending one to yourself :) #tellonym
2022-10-28 04:02:35
@Tellonym "What happens when we report a sender." - Our support team will receive the report and check it. Decisions are made based on our guidelines - if a tell violates our guidelines, we will remove it and take further action such as warning the sen... #tellonym
2022-10-27 04:02:35
@Tellonym "Does “block sender” actually block the user?" - Yes, of course! #tellonym
2022-10-25 04:03:12
@Tellonym "How can i block a user?" - Go to the profile of the person you want to block, tap on the three dots in the top right and you'll see the option 'Block' #tellonym
2022-10-23 01:54:31
@Tellonym "How can I put the link in my Instagram story so people can answer from there without clicking and going in the app?" - When you tap on 'Share profile' and select Instagram, your tellonym link will be automatically copied and the Instagram st... #tellonym
2022-10-21 05:08:15
@Tellonym "How can I create a pinned post ?" - If you tap on the three dots next to any of your answers, you'll see the option 'Pin to Profile'. Your answer will be displayed at the very top of your profile until you unpin it/pin something else #tellonym
2022-10-18 04:04:16
@Tellonym "How do i gain followers?" - Try connecting your contacts to find your friends or share your tellonym link on your socials :) you can also explore the recommendations on tellonym to start conversations with new people #tellonym
2022-10-17 07:43:58
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