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1. Wcb.ns.ca
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WCB - Login


Online Services - Workers Online Services - Service Providers Online Services - Employers. SECURE LOGIN. Log In. Forgot Password. SIGN UP Use WCB Online to: ...

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2. Cfib-fcei.ca
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Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCB) | CFIB


The majority of costs incurred to the WCB system go to compensate and rehabilitate injured workers. These costs are covered only by employers (who entirely ...

3. Doctorsns.com
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WCB contact information | Doctors Nova Scotia


Contact the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) if you still have questions about WCB services or how to help an injured worker.

4. Novascotia.ca
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Workers' Advisers Program | novascotia.ca


If you have a decision from the Workers' Compensation Board, other than a Hearing Officer decision (WCB);. If you have a decision from the Workers ...

5. Worksafeforlife.ca
Refiner 1 year ago

contact WCB Nova Scotia | Halifax | Sydney - Work Safe For Life


Investigations Unit Toll Free: 1-800-870-3331. Local: 902-491-8922 ; Halifax Mailing Address Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia PO Box 1150. Halifax, NS

6. Af.mil
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www wcb sask login com Sign In Online Info - myloginsecurity ...


If you fail to log in 3 times in a row, you are sure that your username and password are correct, then you should stop logging in and ...

7. Ccohs.ca
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Workers' Compensation Boards in Canada : OSH Answers


Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba ... Telephone: (902) 491-8999 or Toll-Free: 1-800-870-3331 (mainland NS); 1-800-880-0003 ... http://www.wcb.ns.ca ...

8. Awcbc.org
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WCB Nova Scotia shifts to long-term remote workforce model ...


When the pandemic forced closure of all public buildings in early 2020, WCB Nova Scotia employees, enabled by technology, quickly and seamlessly ...

9. Retailcouncil.org
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WCB Nova Scotia - Retail Program - Retail Council of Canada


WCB Nova Scotia – Retail Program ... Maintaining and promoting employee health and safety is one of several core business practices that assists retailers in ...

10. Csse.org
Refiner Sydney, Australia 1 year ago

CSSE Nova Scotia Chapter - Links - Canadian Society of ...


... Free Login) https://community.csagroup.org/login.jspa?referer=%252Fwelcome ... WorkSafe Nova Scotia (Worker's Compensation Board) https://www.wcb.ns.ca/.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for WCB to make a decision?

Filing a claim
First, you need to complete a Worker Report of Injury or Occupational Disease form (C-060) and submit it to us. Once this is received you have filed a claim. You can expect to hear from WCB-Alberta in regards to your claim within seven days of submitting your report.

What is a permanent impairment benefit according to the WCB Act?

A permanent clinical impairment (PCI) is the loss (amputation), loss of use (nerve damage), or a permanent change of any body part, system or function.

How much does workers compensation pay in Nova Scotia?

These benefits are usually paid every two weeks at the following rates for as long as you are unable to return to your regular job. The calculation works like this: 75% of your net earnings loss for up to 26 weeks after your injury occurs. After 26 weeks the TERB increases to 85% of your net earnings loss.

How do I pay WCB in Nova Scotia?

Payment options include:
  1. Canada Revenue Agency's My Payment.
  2. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) through CRA (quarterly payments only)
  3. Credit Card through PaySimply.
  4. Credit over the phone at 1-800-870-3331.
  5. Cheque or money order.

Recent Tweets By worksafeforlife

@WorkSafeForLife WCB Nova Scotia's Halifax office is closed today due to the forecasted weather. We continue to provide service remotely. WCB Online and MyAccount are available 24/7, and you can reach us during business hours at 1-800-870-3331. Please stay safe. https://t.co/aTNIW2n6uM https://t.co/E5lI6itHjv
2023-01-20 10:59:25
@WorkSafeForLife @fifeyeno Hi there, you can find more information about how to request a copy of your file here: https://t.co/i6ZU1oQ5bY If you require further assistance, please contact us at 1-800-870-3331.
2023-01-20 03:01:12
@WorkSafeForLife There are many simple steps you can take to help protect you, your employees and customers from a slip, trip or fall. We've compiled some resources to get you started: https://t.co/3TZx7tOo31 https://t.co/tvc9QFHLso
2023-01-06 01:36:01
@WorkSafeForLife There is no gift or grocery order that should come at the cost of health and safety. Even when busy, always make the time to work safely. Read the blog for safety tools and tips. https://t.co/u2Kho6jRrV https://t.co/DdSLs7j5Hp
2022-12-21 07:35:56
@WorkSafeForLife Our Sydney office is closed today due to the weather conditions. We continue to provide service remotely. WCB Online & MyAccount are available 24/7. You can reach us during business hours at 1-800-870-3331. Please stay safe. @InfoMorningCB @infomorning @CBCNS @1015_The_Hawk https://t.co/kBgfw2u93i
2022-12-13 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife Great to see @FishSafeNS out on wharves ahead of the lobster fishing season in southwestern Nova Scotia, and signs of safety throughout. Download a copy of our PFD poster for your workplace: https://t.co/xsdELk7RtF https://t.co/qXxhh3RZpm
2022-11-15 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife News Release: WCB Nova Scotia CEO Stuart MacLean announces retirement https://t.co/vGA0ORFEyp https://t.co/CUXw3mE6R5
2022-11-07 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife Our thanks to the @halifaxchamber for the opportunity to connect with small business leaders at today’s summit. To learn more about the safety and operational support available for small businesses in Nova Scotia, visit our dedicated website: https://t.co/MQSzBv9FHk https://t.co/YL8LGpK0cL
2022-10-27 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife The 8th Annual Helping the Helpers Awareness and Education Day is set to take place Saturday, Oct. 29, in Antigonish. This event offers first responders and their families a chance to connect with each other and professionals who support these communities: https://t.co/hU0LXPduWs
2022-10-19 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife No matter the size of your business, workplace safety should always be your number one priority. This dedicated Safety Toolkit makes it easier for Nova Scotia's small business owners to understand how to keep workers safe: https://t.co/XDErtZaIww #SmallBusinessWeek https://t.co/mjvtERb6Fo
2022-10-17 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife Happy to be at the 2022 @NSFisheries Minister and @SeaFarmers Conference sharing information and resources for creating a safe and healthy workplace in the fishing industry. https://t.co/lo9sp2LBaT
2022-10-12 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife WCB Nova Scotia will be closed tomorrow, Sept. 30, in recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Day. Learn more: https://t.co/QKzBnHoP8y https://t.co/6PBQVvrBSg
2022-09-29 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife The 2022 WSIS Annual Meeting will proceed tomorrow as scheduled, with an option to attend virtually for those who may not wish to travel. Learn more: https://t.co/A3B92eJkjh https://t.co/n55pPVFs3b
2022-09-28 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife WCB Nova Scotia’s Sydney office will be closed today as recovery efforts from Hurricane Fiona continue. Services from our Halifax office will be offered on a limited basis, delivered remotely where possible. Learn more: https://t.co/Q8RF4hkqwR https://t.co/GYG14zJpZG
2022-09-26 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you see something unsafe or have questions about safety at work or in a public place, call 1-800-9LABOUR or email [email protected] for more information or to report workplace health and safety issues. https://t.co/yj90lJvpe1
2022-09-26 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife As recovery efforts from Hurricane Fiona continue across the province, please do your part to help keep workers safe. https://t.co/Ct5IRDpdEV
2022-09-26 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife Working safely is always a priority, especially as our province prepares for Hurricane Fiona. Our thanks and appreciation go out to all of those who are working to help keep us safe through the storm this weekend. Keep up to date on our system access: https://t.co/P1EYlq3oUW https://t.co/U4GcytKM8b
2022-09-23 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife The 2022 Workplace Safety and Insurance System Annual Meeting will take place Thursday, Sept. 29. Register to attend in person or online: https://t.co/A3B92f1txp https://t.co/Oz0cPzGLJ8
2022-09-22 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife We have been made aware of a possible scam on Facebook Messenger targeting Nova Scotians pretending to be from WCB Nova Scotia. See full details here and learn how to protect yourself online. https://t.co/oG5HdvMnMB https://t.co/3of1UMDUrW
2022-09-20 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife WCB Nova Scotia will join federal and provincial governments, pausing our operations on Monday, September 19 in honour of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service. As always, our online services are available 24/7. https://t.co/WPD0Mto3IE https://t.co/IleUQxtpuT
2022-09-14 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife As we wrap up the first week of school and settle back into familiar routines, this is a good reminder about workplace safety. https://t.co/VeNi77ScqA
2022-09-09 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife As part of our continued efforts to engage young workers in occupational health and safety, @NS_LabourSkills and WCB Nova Scotia hosted an event at @costcocanada (Halifax) in July to kickoff this summer’s young worker initiative. Read blog about the event: https://t.co/utCUBo2Rmt https://t.co/ivUQKMXtdt
2022-08-29 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife When a leader creates conversations about workplace safety and has a documented plan to follow, then everyone can get on board and be proud of safety. Listen to WorkShift podcasts: https://t.co/4eNyOVsfa8 https://t.co/XsfmSa8vIZ
2022-08-24 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife WorkShift Podcast Episode 3: A shift in safety culture depends on strong leadership. Unless a company’s leadership has a strong focus on safety, no one else in the business will care about it. Listen now: WorkShift Podcast (https://t.co/2paMPtD3Ie) https://t.co/smvfgZbJMW
2022-08-22 00:00:00
@WorkSafeForLife WCB 2021 Annual Report: Progress, optimism, and opportunities to come. WCB continues to build a strong and stable financial system for the future. Read the report online now. https://t.co/5WVf2enYUQ https://t.co/k0A1MY0t1c
2022-08-19 11:11:53
@WorkSafeForLife The latest issue of our Safe+Secure e-newsletter focuses on working safely in the heat, healthy workplaces, our latest WorkShift Podcast, and more. Read it online and sign up today: https://t.co/oSeExIkUyJ~~ https://t.co/ZCaYnt7rAy
2022-08-19 01:23:00
@WorkSafeForLife Register for the Workplace Safety and Insurance System Annual Meeting, Sep 29/22 @ 1:30 to 3:30 pm at the Halifax Tower Hotel, to learn more about System performance and opportunities and hear a panel of experts talk about workplace psychological safety. https://t.co/rl9J2Dnko5 https://t.co/qVBZi6H8Zu
2022-08-18 10:09:00
@WorkSafeForLife Often the barrier to return to work is not a physical injury, but a mental health related issue. In WorkShift Ep 2, you’ll hear perspectives on creating psychologically safe workplaces, and the roles we all must play. Listen now: https://t.co/4eNyOVrHkA https://t.co/VGBhTcDXiW
2022-07-11 02:44:42
@WorkSafeForLife In 2021, 64% of all workplace injuries in Nova Scotia were sprains and strains. Most of them were completely preventable. Use our Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs) Prevention Guide to reduce the risk in your workplace: https://t.co/ovrrKWC6vA https://t.co/uhOsI5AAKR
2022-07-05 02:31:11
@WorkSafeForLife Today's the first full day of summer and while it may not feel this hot, it will soon enough. Check out these tips to stay safe in the sun and heat this summer. https://t.co/HU97JE2tVD https://t.co/C7X0u1TaaO
2022-06-22 04:25:27
@WorkSafeForLife This Father’s Day, let’s make sure to remind our fathers, grandfathers, and all father figures in our lives how important their safety is to us, at work and at home. https://t.co/BxLjuPRHyO
2022-06-17 03:21:48
@WorkSafeForLife Young workers' first jobs will influence the safety standards they will carry with them through the rest of their careers. We share a responsibility to set them up for success. Find tips and resources in our latest blog: https://t.co/2hZiO4h7qX https://t.co/brOKZLIPY3
2022-06-10 10:31:25
@WorkSafeForLife Today, our CEO Stuart MacLean joined the @AWARE_NS AGM and spoke to optimism and coordinated momentum toward a safer future in long-term care, home care and disability support programs. Kudos to all partners for growing a safety culture, and caring for those who care for others. https://t.co/EFBnThsfAx
2022-06-10 04:40:14
@WorkSafeForLife Congratulations to WCB Board Chair Saeed El-Darahali, on receiving the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal for his service to the province. He was also recently named a top 50 CEO by @AtlanticBus, and received an honorary diploma from @NSCCnews. https://t.co/rm5dDSLPdz https://t.co/3oSNawIBL3
2022-06-06 02:18:57
@WorkSafeForLife On Davis Day, we remember the miners who died on the job in Nova Scotia, and reflect on the importance of workplace safety advocacy in our province. Learn more: https://t.co/bmCzstEbQs
2022-06-03 01:51:49
@WorkSafeForLife ICYMI: You can view our recent employer webinar on Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces in full at your leisure. https://t.co/QQgvZ0dcnX https://t.co/nMxTcSbYNC
2022-06-02 07:22:19
@WorkSafeForLife Some great tips for anyone who works outside as the warmer weather gets ever closer. https://t.co/bOyPOH64gC
2022-05-30 03:41:07
@WorkSafeForLife Are we safer since Westray? Tune in to Episode 1 of the WorkShift Podcast for new perspectives, available now: Apple: https://t.co/8Sccu8HklW Spotify: https://t.co/FoclX5X5u9 https://t.co/uQR69ZjfiF
2022-05-26 01:40:43
@WorkSafeForLife Get safety insights from leaders who know. Tune in to the WorkShift Podcast, available now on Apple and Spotify. Apple: https://t.co/8Sccu8YVKw Spotify: https://t.co/FoclX5FuCB https://t.co/A87jSJToeX
2022-05-24 11:55:57
@WorkSafeForLife Happy to attend the opening of the new Safe at Sea exhibit @fisheriesmuseum sponsored by our partners @NS_LabourSkills, supporting a growing safety culture in a proud Nova Scotia industry. https://t.co/IHSv1cCeAN
2022-05-19 04:12:59
@WorkSafeForLife Honoured to be here as Genesta Halloran-Peters speaks at the Remembering Westray 30th Anniversary Memorial Service. Genesta lost her husband, John Philip Halloran, in the Westray Mine explosion. https://t.co/Ed8nPUrywY
2022-05-09 10:50:07
@WorkSafeForLife And on Spotify https://t.co/FoclX5X5u9
2022-05-09 06:36:10
@WorkSafeForLife In honour of the 30th anniversary of the Westray disaster, WCB CEO Stuart MacLean talks with @DannyNSFL and Alex Keaveny, Senior Crown Counsel about the legacy of the disaster in the first episode of WorkShift. Listen now on Apple Podcasts https://t.co/8Sccu8ZtA4. https://t.co/3ICAjjHMAF
2022-05-09 06:35:18
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