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1. Prognocis.com
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PrognoCIS Login


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2. Whiteriverhealthsystem.com
Announcer Berlin, Germany 2 years ago

White River Health System › Home


White River Health System (WRHS) provides healthcare services to meet the health needs of families throughout North Central Arkansas. At our hospitals, ...

3. Worldsitelink.com
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Prognocis.com-Health Site - WorldSiteLink


https://prognocis.com/patient-portal/; PrognoCIS Login https://wrmc.prognocis.com/prognocis/scrUserLogin.jsp?clinic=wrmc; PrognoCIS Login

4. Ptcoa.com
Guru Essex, United Kingdom 2 years ago

Pain Treatment Centers of America is Arkansas largest, fully comprehensive pain management clinic offering both opioid and non-opioid medical management as ...

5. Github.com
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arielgamino/hospitalsites - GitHub


prognocis.com,1. sculptgroup.com,1. smallprojectsbureau.com,1 ... wrmc.com,1. unionhospitalfoundation.org,1 ... dr-connect.com,1. mayo-clinic-jobs.com,1.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PrognoCIS com?

PrognoCIS a leading EHR company provides clinical and business productivity software and services to medical practices & multi-specialties. Our cloud-based application, PrognoCIS is a fully-integrated solution comprising of EHR, Telemedicine, Practice Management, Medical Billing, RCM, Patient Engagement tools and more.

How much does PrognoCIS EMR cost?

Pricing Details (Provided by Vendor): Pricing starts from $249 per month.

Recent Tweets By prognocis

@prognocis Lets celebrate National Group Medical Practice Week by recognizing the contributions and hard work by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and their staff. Thank you for your dedication and continued commitment to #patientcare. https://t.co/SyEV9DvB9c #healthcare https://t.co/5SeKIYXhIC
2023-01-24 04:36:01
@prognocis Hearing client success stories is gratifying. Clients like you motivate us to do better as we strive for excellence with every product and service we offer. Thank you PRC for taking the time to provide us with this review.​ https://t.co/eTff1D1ixQ #customerreview #testimonial https://t.co/Rm9rCpm3Oi
2023-01-10 05:38:01
@prognocis Recent advances in large language models (LLMs) offer an opportunity for #AI interaction in healthcare. There are several exciting applications of LLM's including knowledge retrieval, clinical decision support and summarizing key findings. https://t.co/3jRuTEZfVr #ML #HealthIT https://t.co/gXo4zBy7hb
2023-01-06 04:31:01
@prognocis Make 2023 a year of growth and productivity for your medical Practice. A year in which you accomplish further success in your clinical and business goals. Explore how PrognoCIS, the medical office software helps you accomplish your goals. https://t.co/YOFHBR9CWx #EHR #EMR https://t.co/ajJZldOBeO
2023-01-05 05:32:01
@prognocis As we usher in the New year, all of us at Bizmatics wish you and your family joy, prosperity, great health and success. Happy New Year! #happynewyear #happynewyear2023 #weareHarris #prognocis https://t.co/49Yu38Wt6L
2022-12-31 04:53:34
@prognocis The Bizmatics-PrognoCIS team wishes you and your loved ones - A Merry Christmas. May this Christmas be filled with happiness, laughter and peace and may this joy continue the whole year through! #merrychristmas #happyholidays https://t.co/YKvF6YWR3F
2022-12-25 04:41:08
@prognocis Even a seemingly small action can result in a HIPAA violation, so it's important for medical practices to be aware of the common types of HIPAA violations and be informed of the fundamentals of #HIPAA compliance. https://t.co/ADqYwJNZD9 #databreach #compliance https://t.co/7NyrQu3Wbd
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@prognocis May your heart be warmed with the glow of Hanukkah candles and may the festival bring happiness and prosperity in your life. Happy Hanukkah. #happyhanukkah #hanukkah2023 #festivaloflights #menorah https://t.co/dG2LWcfhuq
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@prognocis Meet the vivacious, dedicated and highly spirited Kavitha Suresh who's motto is - "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take one step at a time." Kavita I enjoy the challenge of implementing complex requirements or debugging a complex issue. #recognition https://t.co/iEi8CfPkvJ
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@prognocis AWS allow medical practices to accelerate digitalization and utilization of their data. Discover the top four benefits of transitioning to an AWS Cloud-Based Solution for Clinical and Business productivity. https://t.co/XGOfwPG3uG #Cloudbased #AWS https://t.co/fItvRpJg6M
2022-12-08 00:00:00
@prognocis Automating Remittance Posting has significant benefits in saving time, increasing productivity and generating faster cash flow. Join us for this session as we walk you through the steps to achieve it. Register now: https://t.co/EFhXmloN1Y #ERA #EOB #EHR #medicalbilling https://t.co/xUbCzfYhId
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@prognocis Hackers take advantage of password vulnerabilities, poor cyber hygiene, and lack of two-factor authentication to gain network access. Learn more on what it is, why it is important and how does it keep your data protected. https://t.co/D8G3zr35J9 #cybersecurity #dataprotection
2022-12-05 00:00:00
@prognocis Join us for an informative session on Automating Remittance Posting, learn the steps to follow and the benefits it produces in saving time, increasing productivity and generating faster cash flow. Register now: https://t.co/EFhXmloN1Y #ERA #EOB #EHR #medicalbilling
2022-12-01 00:00:00
@prognocis It is essential to have the right provider credentials to avoid payment denials and delays. Explore the 12 important steps you can take for successful medical credentialing. https://t.co/t4hUoW3BBP #medicalcredentialing https://t.co/vxxnTzdOBV
2022-11-30 00:00:00
@prognocis With Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) providers, nurses and pharmacists increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve patient safety by decreasing errors in medication administration. https://t.co/bRBZ3dr7Tc #orderentry #HealthIT https://t.co/l5jkYH01hu
2022-11-29 00:00:00
@prognocis If you want to grow, learn and thrive, then join us #weareHarris Position: Java Developer/ Sr. Developer Experience: 2-6 Yrs Location - Mumbai (Andheri East) & Nagpur Contact: [email protected] #hiring #hiringnow #jobopening https://t.co/hne7dbNc04
2022-11-28 00:00:00
@prognocis Bizmatics wishes everyone - A very Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful to our colleagues, our clients and partners. Thank you for being a part of our journey this year. We hope your Thanksgiving is full of love, laughter and happiness. #thanksgiving #prognocis #gratitude https://t.co/GcSKYeLsIH
2022-11-24 00:00:00
@prognocis A good claim submission process means faster turnover rates in accounts receivable, better cash flow and revenue management. Take a closer look at these 5 easy steps to achieve clean claim submission rate. https://t.co/VikdTMpEXZ #claimsubmission #revenuecycle #medicalbilling https://t.co/3AKOEMEts8
2022-11-23 00:00:00
@prognocis Which source do you prefer the most for obtaining Healthcare News?
2022-11-22 00:00:00
@prognocis This is a week of being thankful to so many who are associated with PrognoCIS EHR and have helped us grow. Thank you to our valued customer Dr. Markle and Dr. Hinshaw for your kind words. We value our partnership. https://t.co/vRAXLCHTby #customerreview #thankful https://t.co/WwCWAzIL0Y
2022-11-21 00:00:00
@prognocis As the year comes to end, its time to revisit your Revenue Cycle & explore best practices to scale the profitability & operational efficiency of your practice. By analyzing your revenue cycle you will set up financial stability ahead of time. https://t.co/03gvYJtdhA #revenuecycle https://t.co/fSqiaLElph
2022-11-17 00:00:00
@prognocis PrognoCIS EHR achieves a significant milestone with ONC 2015 CURES Update Certification - this helps providers deliver quality care, ease documentation, enable smooth flow of data between clinicians, care teams, and patients. https://t.co/IXmWu1eZiU #Curesupdate #ONCCertification https://t.co/bGIxH6PPID
2022-11-16 00:00:00
@prognocis Meet Yogesh Bhavsar, the Sr. Project Lead - QA. Yogesh has successfully managed many QA Projects from initiation through closure in his last 12 years with Bizmatics. His expertise lies in Apps and Portal modules and in creating Client Custom Reports/Data requests using SQL. https://t.co/xCLEQcMN4B
2022-11-15 00:00:00
@prognocis National Nurse Practitioner Week is a time to acknowledge and honor the exceptional care and hard work NP’s provide and how their role is integral in improving patient outcomes. We at Bizmatics Thank You for all you do.https://t.co/QRbBLVkcmP #NPweek https://t.co/fEwoDDpmtT
2022-11-14 00:00:00
@prognocis "True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost." — Arthur Ashe To our Veterans - thank you for your courage and sacrifice. We are forever grateful. #VeteransDay #thankyou https://t.co/iadkclf45p
2022-11-11 00:00:00
@prognocis Leverage #ChronicCareManagement to optimize your revenue, generate patient satisfaction, drive new patients and reduce cost. Dive deeper into the eligibility requirements, treatment compliance, billing and coding information in our webinar. https://t.co/qTzABaLP0k #chroniccare
2022-11-10 00:00:00
@prognocis #PatientEngagement in their care journey is critical for positive outcomes, practices can create this engagement and experience by harnessing digital tools and services. Here are the 8 powerful tools you can utilize to empower your patients. https://t.co/AJEIs7DdpB #digitaltools https://t.co/XVB7HH0YkZ
2022-11-09 05:38:01
@prognocis Dr. Joshua Baron, subject matter expert on Chronic Care Management, will discuss eligibility requirements, CCM revenue gain and how working with a partner allows you to focus on your patients. Register for the webinar: https://t.co/ueLYDJsEel #chroniccaremanagement https://t.co/nb6SP33QxE
2022-11-08 05:34:02
@prognocis To truly provide patient-centered care, providers should offer simple, intuitive, data-driven patient engagement tools that patients can access securely and easily. https://t.co/koxUaLbra6 #patientengagement #patientexperience #patientportal https://t.co/Nj2qyavVTD
2022-11-07 06:29:56
@prognocis ICYMI: Let’s imagine how healthcare will evolve if we combine the best practices globally. Here's a look at how these 8 Countries can deliver the World’s Most Advanced Healthcare System. https://t.co/EG3DfP2SPx #fridayreads #healthcarenews #digitaltools https://t.co/Qh5Lp9X0gs
2022-11-04 04:29:00
@prognocis Selma Pediatrics provides highest quality of care to patients from birth to early adulthood. We feel gratified to support their efforts of quality patient care through our simplified, easily navigable workflow. https://t.co/4pJPUbiWfX #testimonial #review #customersatisfaction https://t.co/nWtwpAh5dE
2022-11-03 06:50:03
@prognocis There are many reasons why clinics lose revenue – inadequate insurance coverage, poor denial management, or lack of patient engagement. Discover the best practices to recover your revenue, increase profitability & optimize return on investment. https://t.co/Wn4Z4PdsZT #revcycle https://t.co/ONnitFBJQH
2022-11-02 04:20:01
@prognocis Build end to end efficiency for your medical practice with excellent documentation, logical workflow, quick and easy scheduling - all leading to excellent patient care and patient satisfaction. https://t.co/g9zP8qJJCq #practicemanagementEHR https://t.co/z1ITheFSKi
2022-11-01 05:22:03
@prognocis Don't let Medical Billing scare you, on the contrary, envision a medical practice that delivers clinical and business productivity while providing excellent patient care. https://t.co/q6cUPzxeB9 #revenuecycle #medicalbilling https://t.co/01DmUk7oNC
2022-10-31 11:41:12
@prognocis As per a recent research here are the key trends healthcare providers should adopt to boost patient engagement. https://t.co/lYv8McyvsG #patientengagement #onlinescheduling #patientexperience
2022-10-28 03:34:00
@prognocis Medical practice revenue can always ebb and flow but many revenue-leakage factors can be controlled for a greater financial outcome. Along with improving collections, learn what all factors are important. https://t.co/93X0uCQKYi #medicalbilling #revenuecycle #revcycle https://t.co/K0nDbXSQ3x
2022-10-27 03:50:02
@prognocis Festivals are joyous when celebrated with family, friends and colleagues. Here's a glimpse of the #Diwalicelebration at our offices in Mumbai and Nagpur, India. #celebration #teamwork #diwali https://t.co/YtyApD7X7f
2022-10-26 05:30:32
@prognocis Join us for the webinar to unearth new features and releases in PrognoCIS in 2022. The new revamps and features have been built to help medical practices thrive in the ever changing landscape of healthcare. Register now - https://t.co/T3kixB3EK3 https://t.co/jMxQKMbQhW
2022-10-25 04:10:01
@prognocis May this festival of light bring happiness, joy and prosperity in your lives. We all from Bizmatics (A div of Harris) are sending warm wishes to you and your loved ones on Diwali. Have a bright and beautiful Diwali!! #diwali #festival https://t.co/LUpCwRtftX
2022-10-24 02:18:08
@prognocis On National Check Your Meds Day bring your medications to your pharmacist or physician for a review. Medication reviews improve patient safety and allow providers to determine whether the patient still needs medication. https://t.co/rwEo3Lb9Y2 #medicationmanagement https://t.co/Mni2SOgbee
2022-10-21 03:55:01
@prognocis We did It! PrognoCIS received ONC 2015 Edition CURES Update Certification via the Drummond Group This compliance certifies that our software enables medical providers to meet the requirements of regulatory programs. #curesact #compliance #HealthIT #API https://t.co/bEmL4r2iJG
2022-10-20 04:06:56
@prognocis Meet vivacious, dynamic member of the Bizmatics team - Lois Rose Mayday. Her motto : And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it, how you managed to survive. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. https://t.co/DnR2JHpH4j
2022-10-19 04:32:01
@prognocis We are #Hiring. Join our dynamic Marketing team to fuel your creativity, passion and expertise. Job Title: Sr. SEO Executive Experience: 3-6 Years  Location: Andheri, Mumbai  Please contact: Alka Kumbhoje: [email protected] with your resume. https://t.co/Jm5dWDaDHS
2022-10-18 04:46:02
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