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Mar 20, 22 (Updated: Jul 23, 22)

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1. Yitechnology.com
Refiner Germany 2 years ago

Kami Cloud Plans - YI Technology


Kami Cloud.

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2. Kamistore.eu
Explainer Bangalore, India 2 years ago

YI Cloud Code Activation - Kami Camera


iOS / Desktop/ Web Setup: · 1) Log in to the YI website https://cloud.yitechnology.com/#/login. · 2) Enter your account credentials (account email address, ...

3. Kamihome.com
Curious Redmond, WA 2 years ago

YI Home - Kami


YI HOME. Practical and Affordable Home Security Solution. YI HOME. Smart Sensor Detection ... 7-Day Rolling Cloud Storage ... YI Dome Camera X.

6. Itsicura.com
Announcer Kochi, India 2 years ago

Yi Home Login - SicuraIt.Com


YI Home PC App – cloud – YI Technology. https://www2.yitechnology.com/yi-home-pc-app. Up to 9 cameras can be viewed on one screen at the ...

7. Yiiot.net
Populist Cambodia 1 year ago

FAQ - Yi iot


Why did you buy cloud storage and change your phone to log in and don't see cloud storage ...

8. Amazon.com
Legendary Belgium 1 year ago

YI/Kami Cloud Plan 3 Month, 5 Camera, 30d rolling storage ...


Amazon.com: YI/Kami Cloud Plan 3 Month, 5 Camera, 30d rolling storage service [PC/Mac Online Code] : Everything Else.

9. Learncctv.com
Critic 1 year ago

Yi Home App not working - Learn CCTV.com


The login to the App is not working. ... This issue is related to the wrong credentials (username and password), or the Yi servers are having technical issues.

10. Shopee.sg
Announcer Melbourne, Australia 1 year ago

Prepaid YI Cloud (Entry Plan) 1 Month Subscription - IP Camera


How to Activate your Prepaid YI Cloud Step 1: Go to: https://www.yitechnology.com/yi-cloud/ Step 2: Click “Subscribe” Step 3: Login with your YI Home App ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Yi cloud?

iOS / Desktop/ Web Setup:
  1. Log in to the YI website https://cloud.yitechnology.com/#/login. ...
  2. Enter your account credentials (account email address, password). ...
  3. Click on "login"
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page. ...
  5. Enter the 18-digit service code you provided from the YI store.

Can I access my Yi camera on my computer?

The YI Home PC and MAC Portal lets you view seamlessly live and cloud footage from all your YI Cameras. Your motion or sound detected clips appear in chronological order. Up to 9 cameras can be viewed on one screen at the same time. Login and view your cameras with this PC portal.

How do I access my Yi camera?

Once your camera has been paired to your account, you can connect to your camera in the YI Home or Kami Home app with your device (iOS/Android) from any location where you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. To see the live view, from the app home screen, click inside of your camera thumbnail.

Can I view my Yi home camera on my computer?

The YI Home PC and MAC Portal lets you view seamlessly live and cloud footage from all your YI Cameras. Your motion or sound detected clips appear in chronological order. Up to 9 cameras can be viewed on one screen at the same time. Login and view your cameras with this PC portal.

What is YI Technology?

yitechnology.com. YI Technology, also known as Xiaoyi (Chinese: 小蚁) in Mainland China markets, is a company that manufactures cameras and computer vision technologies. Some of the company's popular camera models include the YI 1080p Home Camera, and the YI Outdoor Security Camera.

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How do I set up my YI camera?

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@YITechnology Kami Indoor Camera - Intelligence you can count on. Even for your most precious things (Our PETS 😉) ☑ Smart Human Detection ☑ Abnormal Sound Detection ☑ 360 Degree AutoCruise ☑ Dual Wifi Band (2.4 or 5ghz) Protecting pets everywhere. Buy now 👉 https://t.co/ygnlLdYMgZ https://t.co/r3lyM53CEl
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@YITechnology Don't forget! Our spring sale is going on now at the Kami Store. 50% OFF last year's models. Sale ends March 31st. Tap the link to save big! 👉 https://t.co/nPmZgfNo50
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@YITechnology Packed with all the most essential AI features such as face detection, human detection, smart activity zones, and motion/sound detection, the Kami Mini truly is the perfect smart camera! Tap the link to see what has everybody talking. ➡➡➡➡ https://t.co/GlBs7bQRGX #AI https://t.co/vkxKqw66Wz
2021-03-25 08:36:12
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