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1. Latitudefinancial.com.au
Editor United Kingdom 2 years ago

28 Degrees Global Online Service Centre


Please be wary of hoax SMSs requesting you to provide your login, card and personal details. Latitude Financial Services will never send you an SMS ...

Social Handles

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Checked At HTTP Status Code Connect Time (ms) Result
2024-07-23 02:05:07 200 126 Page Active
2024-07-16 20:03:31 200 126 Page Active
2024-07-12 13:03:36 200 126 Page Active
2. 28degreescard.com.au
Critic Raleigh, NC 2 years ago

28 Degrees


Shop with less obstacles. The Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard is perfect for online shopping and is a great travel companion. Read the full credit ...

Editor Overland Park, KS 2 years ago

Contact Us | Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard - 28 ...


Within Australia call. 1300 552 079. When overseas call. +61 2 8747 8178. Contact us on. Skype (limited to voice calls only).

3. Pointhacks.com.au
Disciplined Canada 2 years ago

28 Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard by Latitude - Point ...


The benefits of using the 28Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard include: No annual fee; No currency conversion fees; No international transaction fees on ...

4. Databasediaccesso.com
Legendary United Kingdom 2 years ago

28 Degrees Mastercard Login - Database Di Accesso


https://28degrees-online.latitudefinancial.com.au/ Please be wary of hoax SMSs requesting you to provide your login, card and personal ...

5. Scti.com.au
Refiner Brisbane, Australia 2 years ago

Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard ® | SCTI Australia


You have the perfect platinum credit card to travel with Latitude 28° Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard®, now you can get SCTI cover to compliment it.

6. Xero.com
Refiner Jakarta Timur, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia 2 years ago

Does Xero import transactions from 28 degrees credit card?


We have had a bank feed working to 28 Degrees for over a year. It drops out regularly, which requires putting back the login details, ...

7. Wise.com
Guru London, United Kingdom 2 years ago

What's the exchange rate of the 28 degrees card? - Wise


To help you decide if the 28 degrees Mastercard will suit your needs, we have set out the features and benefits - and the costs of using it, ...

8. Productreview.com.au
Teacher 2 years ago

Latitude 28 Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard - Product ...


Latitude 28 Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard (No Annual Fee Credit Card): 3.8 out of 5 stars from 1768 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ...

9. Tripadvisor.com.au
Curious 2 years ago

Beware the 28 degree card!! - Australia Forum - Tripadvisor


My hubbie hands over his 28 Degrees card. Declined! So the purchase is made on our regular Credit Card - incurring about $100 in forex fees. An hour on the ...

10. Howtologin.co
Curious Bangalore, India 2 years ago

28 Degrees Login Au - - Online Banking Logins


Are you looking for 28 Degrees Login Au? Now get All of the access to your account searchable with the official links supplied below:

11. Ausdroid.net
Explainer India 2 years ago

Latitude Financial Services Launches Android App for 28 ...


The iOS version of the app allows FaceID login but that isn't available for the Android app. Since their most popular 28 Degrees card is ...

12. Creditcard.com.au
Editor China 2 years ago

Latitude 28 Degrees Mastercard reviewed by CreditCard.com.au


The Latitude 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard offers no international transaction, currency conversion or annual fees. Apply online in mins. 60 sec response.

13. Whirlpool.net.au
Announcer Cuyahoga Falls, OH 2 years ago

28 Degrees Mastercard - Whirlpool


28 Degrees supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay (as of 17 August ... and they'll keep offering you a higher limit when you log in to the website.

14. Booking.com
Legendary 2 years ago

Guesthouse 28 Degrees Byron Bay - Adults Only


Offering luxurious accommodations in the heart of Byron Bay, 28 Degrees Byron Bay is just 2 minutes' walk from the town center and a 4-minute walk from the.

15. Satac.edu.au
Editor 2 years ago



Friday, 28th January 2022. Offer round (2022 start) Postgraduate. 28 ... Undergraduate study includes Bachelor degrees, associate degrees and higher ...

17. Ozbargain.com.au
Legendary Mering, Deutschland 1 year ago

Spend Targeted Amount, Get Offer Cash Back - OzBargain


Deal: Latitude 28 Degrees Mastercard - Spend Targeted Amount, Get Offer Cash Back, Store: 28 Degrees Card, Category: Financial.

18. Canstar.com.au
Refiner London 1 year ago

Latitude 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard: Review & Compare


Find out more about Latitude's 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard. Canstar provides comparisons and reviews for all major credit card providers.

20. Finder.com.au
Scholar Sydney NSW, Australia 1 year ago

Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard - review | finder.com.au


To ask a question simply log in via your email or create an account. ... Latitude 28 Degrees MasterCard doesn't cover any lost or stolen ...

21. 28bysamwood.com
Teacher 1 year ago

A delicious eating plan every week created by our 28 nutrition team ... RESULTS. Over 400,000 amazing 28ers have changed their lives on my program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a latitude statement?

Getting your statement from the Mobile App is easy!
Latitude Mobile App
  1. Go to the Menu Icon section in the App (top right-hand corner).
  2. Select View Statements.
  3. Tap to select the Statement you're after.

Is Humm owned by latitude?

TOGETHER, CREATING AUSTRALASIA'S LARGEST NON-BANK CONSUMER LENDER. hummgroup and Latitude Group have entered into a binding, definitive agreement to sell HUM consumer finance to Latitude. The combination of HCF with Latitude will create the leading and profitable pure-play consumer finance business in Australasia.

Can I use my latitude go card anywhere?

Latitude GO customers will be able to turn everyday transactions above $250 into a six-month interest free plan anywhere Mastercard is accepted globally, complementing the range of longer-term plans that are already available for larger purchases.

What is GE finance called now?

Latitude Financial Services

Recent Tweets By latitude_fs

@latitude_fs @CountessAu @DCShoeAustralia @AnacondaStores @acccgovau @financialombuds Hey Countess 👋 I'm sorry to hear about your experience with us. If you would like to send us a direct message with your query, we can definitely help take a look into this for you. ^Mike
2023-01-18 11:14:18
@latitude_fs @NickJordan Hey Nick! We're sorry to hear you're having some trouble linking your payment methods. If you could send us a DM, we can look into this for you here! ^Emma
2023-01-15 11:44:59
@latitude_fs @serenehurricane Hey Zak! Our team has responded to your message to further help with this. Please reply whenever you have the chance! ^Clyfford
2023-01-09 02:01:07
@latitude_fs @ptfdoyle Hmm.. that's not ideal at all. So sorry about this Philip! I have now since replied to your DM to further assist with this. ^Mike
2023-01-04 12:52:25
@latitude_fs @ptfdoyle Hey Philip 👋 So sorry to hear that you are having some difficulty getting through to us! Our call centre are open from 8:30am to 8pm (AEST). You can find out more about our contact details via the link below. However, we can also help here, if you could please send us a DM wi...
2023-01-03 11:53:43
@latitude_fs @anthonypollifro Hey Anthony! 🌞 Not a problem, I have responded to your DM to further help. ^Mike
2022-12-28 11:46:29
@latitude_fs @msharp Hey Mike! 👋 Thank you for reaching out! You can visit our Help Centre article for more information on How To Activate your card 💳 by clicking on the link https://t.co/dysmTh1j2S. Alternatively, you can fill out the eForm below for verification ^Mike https://t.co/x6Zxjt8eKm.
2022-12-27 11:39:21
@latitude_fs @KirNarula Hey Kiran 👋 thanks for getting in touch! You should be able to view/download your monthly account statements via the online website. Your monthly transactions should be able to you there. If you do have any trouble with this, please send us a DM and our team can definitely ta...
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @DoabiaJ Hey Doabia 👋 We're sorry to hear you haven't heard back yet! If you could please send us a private message, we can look into this for you. ^Emma
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @CullMary Hey Mary 👋 Thanks for reaching out! If you could please send us a private message, we can definitely look into this for you. ^Emma
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @serenehurricane Hey Zak 👋 We're sorry to hear this has happened! Please send us a DM, and we can get this escalated for you. ^Emma
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @VALIANTBABE340 Oh I see.. Not a problem Jen! Our team can definitely help take a look at this for you, if you could please send us a DM for verification. ^Mike
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @VALIANTBABE340 No worries Jen! Our social team can take a look into this for you, if you could please send us a DM with your query. ^Mike
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @VALIANTBABE340 Hey Jen 👋 I'm sorry to hear about your experience with us. If you could please let us know what this was in regards to, we might be able to assist here. ^Mike
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @VALIANTBABE340 Hi Jen! Just so I can further assist, which account product do you have with us? A Personal Loan, a Credit Card or LatitudePay? ^Mike
2022-12-16 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @jasminekelsey94 Hey Jaz, I'm sorry to hear about this! Regrettably, our Applications team does not have a presence via Twitter, I'm sorry. If you are unable to get through to our Applications team via the number above, please try reaching out to us on 1300 552 079, and one of our customer spe...
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @jasminekelsey94 Hey Jaz 👋 thanks for getting in touch! Not a problem, our Application team can help follow up on this for you, if you could please reach out to our Applications team on 1300 656 558 and they will be able to assist you with this. Their hours are Monday to Wednesday 8.30am-7pm,...
2022-12-14 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @samemniktom Hey Anne! If you'd like, you can send us a private message here and we can look into it for you. 😊 ^Emma
2022-12-08 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @twigsama Thanks for your feedback! We'll definitely take it into consideration for future updates. Unfortunately for now, this is how our system functions. Please reach out if there is anything else we can help with! ^Emma
2022-12-08 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @mattgillard Hey Matt 👋 This is a legitimate SMS from us! It was sent out to existing credit card holders who have opted in for marketing with us. If you no longer wish to receive these offers from us, you can choose to opt out, following the details in that text. Hope that helps! ^Emma
2022-12-07 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @twigsama Hey twigsama​ 👋 Our Pay My Account service is down 😴 for banking updates and payment processing between 10:30PM and 4AM AEST. That might be why you were unable to use it previously. Please try it outside these times and let us know how you go! 🙏 ^Emma
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @grantpallant Hi Grant! Our social team is based in Australia. If you would like to send us a DM with your query, we can definitely assist. ^Mike
2022-12-01 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @grantpallant Hey Grant! We're sorry to hear you feel this way. If there is anything you're needing help with, you're more than welcome to direct message us right here! ^Emma
2022-11-30 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @jasminekelsey94 Hey Jaz! We do not charge any fees for going over the limit. We've just responded to your DM, and look forward to getting this resolved for you. 😊 ^Emma
2022-11-23 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @walmsles We're so sorry for the inconvenience, Michael! It can take 3-5 business days for most payments to process and clear on our Credit Cards. However, if it's time sensitive, BPay payments are much faster, only taking 1-2 business days instead. Please DM us if there is anything else!
2022-11-23 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @rangagirl76 You can definitely receive the verification code for your purchases while overseas to your international mobile number once it has been updated onto your account. Our team can definitely help in updating this, if you could please respond to our private message. 👍 ^Mike
2022-11-20 00:00:00
@latitude_fs @rangagirl76 Unfortunately you are unable to change this via the mobile app, sorry. Our team has now responded to your DM to further assist you in updating this detail onto your account. ^Mike
2022-11-17 00:00:00
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