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Mar 01, 22 (Updated: Jun 29, 22)

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Organizer 2 years ago

HostPapa Dashboard

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Checked At HTTP Status Code Connect Time (ms) Result
2024-05-23 01:50:34 403 30 Temporarily Down
2024-05-20 17:49:50 403 14 Temporarily Down
2024-05-10 17:50:29 403 62 Temporarily Down
Curious Malaysia 2 years ago

How to Access Your cPanel for the First Time - HostPapa ...

Login to your Dashboard account using the details you have received in the welcome email: · Click on My cPanel ...

Curious British Columbia 2 years ago

HostPapa Dashboard – How to log in

To show you how to log in to the HostPapa Dashboard, we've created an easy-to-follow video tutorial.

Announcer 2 years ago

cPanel control panel overview | HostPapa Support

The cPanel control panel is used for managing your server settings. It supports a wide selection of features for working with files and ...

Announcer Vienna, Austria 2 years ago

Issue: Unable to login to cPanel, webmail or view your website

If you are unable to login to cPanel, webmail, or view your website, follow this HostPapa support article to learn how to fix this issue.

Explainer Vancouver, Canada 2 years ago

Canadian web hosting & Canadian domain name registration. Start your website with HostPapa & get the best 24/7 support on all our web hosting plans in ...

Guru Melbourne VIC, Australia 2 years ago

How to Log in to HostPapa Basic or Advanced Email Account

You may access the login page for Basic or Advanced Email through your HostPapa Dashboard, as follows: Log in to your HostPapa Dashboard:

Disciplined Macedonia 2 years ago

How to change your cPanel password - HostPapa Knowledge ...

Log in to your HostPapa dashboard: Click on My cPanel. If you have more than one domain associated with ...

Reviewer Bellingham, Washington, United States 2 years ago

How to access webmail outside cPanel | HostPapa Support

You can access webmail outside cPanel as well as within it. log into a HostPapa email account directly from the Internet.

Critic Europe 2 years ago

How to Secure Your cPanel Account - HostPapa Blog

A firewall like CFS scans all network connections that pass through it and lets you know which ones made a suspicious number of failed login ...

Legendary Finland 1 year ago

www lunarpages cpanel login com Sign In Online Info

's #1 Web Host – over 500,000 websites hosted. Screenshot of cPanel – Sign In.

Organizer 1 year ago

HostPapa Review: Should You Trust This Canadian Host?

Basic Features. Data Transfer, Unlimited. Storage Capacity, Unlimited. Control Panel, Cpanel. Extra Domain Reg. $10.99/year.

Organizer London, UK 1 year ago

How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on HostPapa

HostPapa is a leading Canadian website hosting provider which has approximately half a million ... Once I'd verified the domain, I logged into cPanel.

Announcer Los Angeles, CA 1 year ago

Hostpapa asking for my root password? : r/webhosting - Reddit

Is it a cPanel account or it is a VPS/VDS? If it is cPanel, they do not need the password in order to migrate it. Check the email, it could be ...

Guru Hungary 1 year ago

HostPapa to InterServer Migration

Login to your cPanel account at Host Papa for generating a fresh cPanel backup either via below URL with your cPanel username and password ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my HostPapa cPanel password?

How to change your cPanel password
  1. Click on My cPanel. ...
  2. Select the Change Password icon in the Preferences group to modify your cPanel password.
  3. Enter your Old Password.
  4. Enter a New Password and confirm it again. ...
  5. Click the Change your password now!

How do I access my HostPapa email?

http://serverip/webmail (swap serverip for your server's IP address). You can also click the WebMail button at the HostPapa website, then enter your domain name to proceed. Enter your email address and password to log in to your account. You can now read or send messages and manage your email.

What happened to Lunar Pages?

Lunarpages Has Closed Down: What Does This Mean? Lunarpages has recently been acquired by HostPapa on September the 30th, 2019. Existing customers continue to have access to their website, files, e-mail accounts, and customer support. All Lunarpages websites will remain hosted on US servers.

How do I cancel HostPapa?

You may terminate a Service at any time by using the web-based cancellation form in the My Services section of your HostPapa dashboard OR by submitting a ticket or an email to our billing department from an email address of record on your account with the specific rights and privileges to terminate your Services.

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@HostPapa @Velodramatic Hello Michael! We're sorry to hear about this. I have opened a new ticket on your behalf, #6829423 so we can further investigate the cause of the IO spikes on your account. Do you have an alternative email address where we can reach you?
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2022-12-02 00:00:00
@HostPapa @canacees @opiecanada Greetings, thank you for letting us know, the case is being reviewed by one of our managers and will get back to you within the ticket as soon as possible.
2022-12-02 00:00:00
@HostPapa @canacees @opiecanada Hello! We're sorry to know that you are thinking of moving. Can you please provide us what issues you are facing and your domain name or email address so we can further check? I look forward to your update.
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