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1. Hseland.ie
Curious California, USA 1 year ago

Providing HSeLanD courses, eLearning and CPD resources to educate and train HSE health and social care staff. Log in to get started.

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2. Hse.ie
Organizer Austin, TX 1 year ago

Online training using HSeLanD - healthservice.ie


HSELanD is an online training portal providing courses and learning resources for staff in the HSE. Using HSELanD you can complete 'start to finish' ...

Teacher Bangladesh 1 year ago

HSeLanD and other eLearning resources for nurses and ...


Sign in with your log in details; Select 'Hubs' on the homepage; Select 'Nursing and Midwifery Hub' and choose the content you need. Tips on using HSeLanD.

3. Makingeverycontactcount.ie
Announcer Israel 1 year ago

Sign in | National Making Every Contact Count


Don't have an account? Sign up now » · Forgot password? If you are a new user, please click Sign up now. Read Help signing in and using the training ...

4. Nurseoncall.ie
Informed Trujillo, Peru 1 year ago

E-Learning Programmes - Nurse On Call


Click on the “Agency Staff Login” tab; It will ask for Username & Password ... Follow the steps to create your personal account with HSEland.

5. Wicklowcountycfr.com
Informed India 1 year ago



Go to https://www.hseland.ie/dash/Account/Login. PLEASE NOTE- If you have already registered in the past through the staff registration you will need to use ...

6. Tusla.ie
Announcer Varennes, Canada 1 year ago

Children First E-Learning Programme - Tusla


You will need to create an account using an email address to log in and complete ... Email [email protected] for matters relating to accessing accounts or ...

7. Hse.gov.uk
Scholar Shenzhen, China 1 year ago

Land use planning - PADHI+ - HSE's on-line advice - HSE

8. Libanswers.com
Explainer Israel 1 year ago

9th of July, 2021. A recent communication states to access HSELand a temporary site can be used. You will need to create a new login to access it:.

9. Iiop.ie
Outspoken San Francisco, CA 1 year ago

HSE Resources | IIoP Portal


When registering on https://www.hseland.ie/dash/Account/Login community pharmacists should register themselves in Section B, select Community Pharmacist option.

10. Pna.ie
Reviewer Israel 1 year ago

Navigation Instructions for HSELanD - The PNA


HSELanD instructions. Not registered with HSELanD. • Log on to www.hseland.ie (This will bring you to the homepage). • Proceed to the User Login box on the ...

11. Wordpress.com
Curious Stockholm, Sweden 1 year ago

HSELand | Library at Milford Care Centre


HSELanD contains over 130 online learning programmes, resources, assessment & planning tools to ... If any case, if you forget your login details, having an…

12. Ucc.ie
Reviewer Los Angeles, CA 1 year ago

HSELAND Registration process - UCC


To register with hseland log onto: • http://www.hseland.ie/tohm/registration.asp. • Enter name. • Enter email address. • Choose username. • Choose password.

13. Pumamedia.com.au
Guru 1 year ago

Hseland Login - Login page - Puma Media


Providing HSeLanD courses, eLearning and CPD resources to educate and train HSE health and social care staff. Log in to get started. https://lms.hseland.ie/dash ...

14. Hselibrary.ie
Disciplined Knoxville, TN, United States 1 year ago

OpenAthens Access - HSE Library


Registering for an OpenAthens account allows you to access the National Health Library and Knowledge service's electronic resources with one username and ...

15. Thepsi.ie
Scholar Seoul, South Korea 1 year ago

Community Pharmacists hseland.ie Enrolment Guide


Community Pharmacists hseland.ie ... Welcome to HSELanD - the Health Service Executive's online learning and development portal ... Choose a Username u.

16. Evolvetraining.com
Organizer Cambridge, England, United Kingdom 1 year ago

Login - Evolve Training


Client Login. For account holders please enter your user details below to login to your account. Email. Password. Login. Approved & Accredited Training.


If you know a webpage link that work for the reported issue. Consider sharing with the community by adding in the above list. After verification of provided information, it would be get listed on this web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access HSeLanD?

HSeLanD is the HSE's online learning and development portal.
Log into HSeLanD:
  1. Go to the HSeLanD login page.
  2. Sign in with your log in details.
  3. Select 'Hubs' on the homepage.
  4. Select 'Nursing and Midwifery Hub' and choose the content you need.

How do I contact HSE land?

Connect with us
  1. Got a question?
  2. Callsave: 1800 700 700.
  3. Phone: 01 240 8787.
  4. Email: [email protected].
  5. Tweet: @HSELive.

Is HSeLanD offline?

These are essentially the offline equivalent of the e-learning programmes, but cover a wider range of topics and include practical learning sessions. HSELanD provides all the necessary information to apply for these courses.

What does HSeLanD mean?

Welcome to HSeLanD - the Health Service Executive's online learning and development portal. HSeLanD contains over 200 eLearning programmes, resources, assessment and planning tools to support you in your current job role and with your personal and professional development.

What is MAPA training HSE?

A cornerstone training programme of the Crisis Prevention Institute, the Management of Actual or Potential Aggression Programme has been designed to enhance participants' understanding and management of disruptive, aggressive and/or violent behaviour.

When was HSELanD set up?

What is HSELanD? Launched by the Health Service Executive (HSE) in 2007 and with more than 19 million hits in 2010, HSELanD is an online resource designed to support the training and development of staff working in the Irish health sector.

Recent Tweets By hse_hseland

@HSE_HSeLanD @ScabbiAbi2 @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @CLDTallUniHosp Hi, apologies for any disruption and inconvenience. We are aware that the site is slow/unresponsive site at the moment and working to resolve these issues ASAP. Thanks for your patience.
2023-01-18 12:52:55
@HSE_HSeLanD @normadun @Rebbahan @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @CLDTallUniHosp Hi Norma, apologies for the disruption. We are working to resolve our site issues ASAP. Thanks for your patience.
2023-01-18 12:50:50
@HSE_HSeLanD @AISLINNprender1 @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @CLDTallUniHosp Hi Aislinn, apologies, we are working to resolve the site performance issues. Thanks for your patience.
2023-01-18 12:47:38
@HSE_HSeLanD @Dekeo38 Hi Declan, yes, https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ is back online and we are closely monitoring the site performance. Thanks
2023-01-18 03:22:01
@HSE_HSeLanD 📢We're back online a little earlier than expected! The scheduled maintenance is now complete and you can now access https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ Big thanks to our tech team @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @HSEchange_guide @CLDTallUniHosp https://t.co/HjIm0lf4XH
2023-01-17 12:06:15
@HSE_HSeLanD @hollydolly122 @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @HSEchange_guide @CLDTallUniHosp Hi Holly, HSeLanD is back online. If you are still having issues, please contact our support team [email protected] who will further assist you. Thanks
2023-01-17 06:53:06
@HSE_HSeLanD @Rebbahan @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @HSEchange_guide @CLDTallUniHosp Hi Rebecca, HSeLanD is back online. We are aware it is running a little slower than normal and we are working with our HSE colleagues to improve the performance. Thanks for your patience.
2023-01-17 06:51:42
@HSE_HSeLanD 🔔REMINDER🔔 HSeLanD will be offline today (16/1) at 5 pm until 1 pm 17/1 for scheduled maintenance. During this time, HSeLanD will be unavailable for use. @HSE_HR @HSELive @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @CLDTallUniHosp @aurionlearning @ULHospitals https://t.co/83BGVBSTBK
2023-01-16 03:51:10
@HSE_HSeLanD 📢Notice HSeLanD will be unavailable from 16/1 at 5 pm until 1 pm 17/1 for scheduled maintenance. During this time, HSeLanD will be unavailable for use. @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSEImm @CLDTallUniHosp @aurionlearning @ULHospitals @OoCIOTechOffice https://t.co/tepYpRJpib
2023-01-11 11:28:30
@HSE_HSeLanD HSeLanD users can access the new eLearning programme at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ Search for 'Support pathways for people with non-cognitive symptoms of dementia' #Dementia https://t.co/lJRbYOJfXB
2023-01-10 06:00:52
@HSE_HSeLanD @4patientssake @eHealthIreland @jcwemyss @treasadempseyh Hi Pete, can you please contact the HSeLanD Support Team email: [email protected] or Tel: 01 963 827 to verify your account details, thanks.
2023-01-10 03:11:50
@HSE_HSeLanD @IrishBlondiee Hi, the site is not down. We are aware it is running a little slower than normal and are working on restoring this asap. Thanks for your patience
2023-01-09 04:11:17
@HSE_HSeLanD From everyone in the HSeLanD team, we’d like to extend our special wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As the HSeLanD community continues to grow, we are excited to create and deliver new training and L&D opportunities next year. https://t.co/KgV1UgGRLI
2022-12-20 10:10:06
@HSE_HSeLanD 📢New eLearning course launched @HSE_HR has launched a new eLearning course, Chairing Interviews Effectively, to support the quality and consistency of approach in interviews conducted across the HSE. Access now on https://t.co/lEglI8o9hC https://t.co/kalYSgMgEh
2022-12-15 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD The @dementia_office has launched a new eLearning module to support all healthcare professionals who provide care to people with dementia across all settings. Access and complete 'New Non-Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia eLearning' at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ https://t.co/cBfEttE3u6
2022-12-07 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD @_laboursoflove Hello @_laboursoflove can you please contact our support team so we can verify your account details email: [email protected] or Tel: 01 963 8272 Thanks.
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD 📢Calling all HSeLanD users. We're seeking your feedback on HSeLanD and what you'd like to see for future development to improve your learning experience. The survey will take 2 minutes to complete. Log in to https://t.co/kuDCFa0KLh to complete https://t.co/s0gdRcliLe
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD @_laboursoflove Hi @_laboursoflove our support team have advised that you've been in contact and the issue is now resolved. Please reach out directly to the support team if you have any further queries and we'll be happy to help. Thanks!
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD You can access and complete all eLearning modules in the AMRIC Infection Prevention and Control Course Catalogue or search for 'AMRIC' on https://t.co/kuDCFa0KLh https://t.co/BmXYPGVkkg
2022-12-06 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD 📢We're seeking your feedback to learn more about how useful you find HSeLanD and our content. We want to know your feedback so we can continue to make positive changes to your learning experience. Don't miss out, log in to https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh to complete before 21/12/22 https://t.co/mMZ9WuFY51
2022-11-30 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD @mariaedoyle2 Hi Maria, sorry to hear you've has some issues. To help you, can you please contact our support team email [email protected] or call 01 963 8272. Thanks
2022-11-23 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD A new eLearning course has been launched by @PublicHealthSth with @tusla @CorkETB @corkcitycouncil on https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh to raise awareness of the impact of psychological trauma for all staff. Access and complete 'Becoming Trauma Aware' now. #TraumaAwareness https://t.co/LbzCOExW6s
2022-11-17 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD @IrishBlondiee Hi, no, the site is not down, we are aware it is running a little slow and are working to reinstate this as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.
2022-11-16 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD Learners can dip in and out of the courses at any time and can find them in the AMRIC Infection Prevention and Control Course Catalogue on https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh https://t.co/DBuq65STez
2022-11-15 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD It's #OpenDisclosureWeek. You can play your part by ensuring you are aware of your obligations concerning Open Disclosure. Access and complete the Communicating Effectively through Open Disclosure eLearning programme available on https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh #TheRightThingToDo https://t.co/OouP2IMbbz
2022-11-07 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD Happy Halloween to our colleagues and learners 🎃 Check out the wide-range of spooktactular #elearning and CPD resources at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ - No tricks, only treats @HSE_HR @NurMidONMSD @eHealthIreland @HSEImm @HSEchange_guide @WeHSCPs @HSE_DA @HSE_SI @HsehealthW https://t.co/YY0bDBR0sD
2022-10-31 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD The @OoCIOTechOffice has launched a new Information Governance eLearning programme for all HSE staff. This new programme will provide the latest knowledge on what information governance is and steps to improve it in the HSE. Log in to https://t.co/kuDCFa0KLh to complete https://t.co/d6xLIxOLt6
2022-10-27 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD A new reducing cancer risk eLearning programme from @hseNCCP has been launched on https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ for all staff. The reducing cancer risk eLearning programme contains 3 modules: 1. Tobacco 2. Alcohol 3. Skin protection Log in to access #ICPN #cancerprevention https://t.co/MtXwib6RHG
2022-10-25 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD @cathyB_80 Apologies for any distribution, https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh is back up and online.
2022-10-19 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD The recording of our new Innovation Labs webinar series is now available in the Discovery Zone Hub at HSeLanD. In this webinar, we outline and share our plans to pilot and roll out a new HSeLanD mobile learning app. Interested in being part of the app pilot? Get in touch 👇 https://t.co/oh2JQz96vX
2022-10-17 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD We've developed 14 Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control (AMRIC) eLearning courses with @hpscireland You can dip in and out of the courses at any time and can find them by searching for ‘IPC’ or by visiting the Clinical Courses catalogue on https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh 👇 https://t.co/8nofLYIrCN
2022-10-10 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD 🎬HSeLanD Development Roadmap Webinar Recording now available. Thanks to all who registered and attended the webinar -exciting times ahead! If you missed it, or want a re-cap, you can watch the webinar recording in the Discovery Zone Hub on https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh https://t.co/1TAFIFQMcV
2022-10-10 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD Today is @WorldSepsisDay. You can play your part by completing the Sepsis Management eLearning resources on https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ #RecogniseSepsis https://t.co/iusyQ2Xf4o
2022-09-13 12:11:46
@HSE_HSeLanD @insomniandrea @HSE_HR Hi, our support team will be ale to answer these queries if you email suppo[email protected] Thanks
2022-09-13 00:00:00
@HSE_HSeLanD ⭐New Data Protection eLearning course⭐ Subject Access Request (SAR) eLearning is now available for all @HSE_HR staff who release personal data under the Data Protection Legislation and all SAR decision makers. Log in to https://t.co/523FlFiL7h to access and complete https://t.co/krzRBrPfPK
2022-09-08 02:32:27
@HSE_HSeLanD The @hseNCCP Early Diagnosis of Cancer eLearning programme will provide primary care staff and AHP's with the knowledge and resources required to help improve the early diagnosis of cancer in Ireland. Log in to https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh to access and get 1 external CPD point https://t.co/ArkYbTCv6R
2022-09-05 12:38:04
@HSE_HSeLanD The @HSE_HR team have updated the Dignity at Work eLearning programme on HSeLanD. It is now mandatory for all staff working in the HSE and in HSE funded services. Log in to https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ to complete https://t.co/AD0p5gwitv
2022-08-30 09:57:45
@HSE_HSeLanD Access and complete the suite of AMRIC eLearning courses on https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ https://t.co/XuRGUqJgNU
2022-08-24 07:53:33
@HSE_HSeLanD The MECC eLearning prog on HSeLanD contains 8 modules to support health professionals know more about lifestyle risk factors for chronic disease & enhance their brief intervention skills. Log in to https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ to access and complete #MakeEveryContactCount https://t.co/C3veoOJ1QM
2022-08-11 04:22:26
@HSE_HSeLanD To access, search for 'AMRIC' on the HSELanD homepage or access the courses through the AMRIC Infection Prevention and Control course catalogue on https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ https://t.co/Uuoxs7dr6i
2022-08-03 11:07:45
@HSE_HSeLanD 📢New eLearning course available Recognition and Management of Sepsis in Children is now available for all staff involved in the recognition, management, and escalation of treatment for #sepsis in children. Log in to https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ to access and complete https://t.co/8CozpIgWwM
2022-08-03 03:10:58
@HSE_HSeLanD Thanks for the great feedback Angela! https://t.co/P3Nmf5r1MS
2022-07-26 01:49:44
@HSE_HSeLanD Together with @AlcoholForum we've developed a new eLearning programme for all health & social care staff who are in frequent contact with people experiencing Alcohol-Use Disorders. Play your part this #worldbrainday and access and complete it at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ #WBD2022 https://t.co/JJEZp9qJSN
2022-07-25 02:47:15
@HSE_HSeLanD @maya_avilesx Hello Maya, our support team can help you with this query, can you please email [email protected] or T 01 963 8272 so we can verify your account details. Thanks
2022-07-21 11:22:11
@HSE_HSeLanD Access and complete the courses at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ @HSE_SI @NHCProgramme @hseNCCP https://t.co/n2d7er4HUH
2022-07-20 01:40:50
@HSE_HSeLanD We’ve added a number of new eLearning resources to HSeLanD, including: ➡Using the HSE Excel Risk Register ➡Latest NMIC CPD module ➡Making conversations easier ➡Using the National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework (NDRF). Log in to https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ to access & complete https://t.co/ArFpL6QwZq
2022-07-14 09:10:09
@HSE_HSeLanD If you, or your team are interested in collaborating with the HSeLanD team to develop online training and #elearning but not sure where to start, you can access the supporting resources and webinar recordings through the Discovery Zone Hub on https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ https://t.co/S9gYzlZ2wq
2022-07-11 10:25:02
@HSE_HSeLanD A new eLearning programme for staff and volunteers working with people who access drug and alcohol services has been launched on HSeLanD. It introduces the NDRF and the protocol and processes for applying these into practice. Access it now at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ @HSE_SI https://t.co/6BnJpZgaFv
2022-07-07 09:35:02
@HSE_HSeLanD To access and complete the Fundamentals of GDPR programme, search for ‘GDPR’ on the HSeLanD dashboard or access it through the Human Resources course catalogue at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ #ReduceTheRisk https://t.co/Rrqriqqo0Q
2022-07-05 04:04:20
@HSE_HSeLanD The HSeLanD team has worked with the HSE Governance and Risk team to develop a new #elearning programme to support the achievement of objectives and compliance with @HSELive Excel Risk Register governance requirements. ➡Access and complete it at https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ https://t.co/T16xLueM7a
2022-07-05 03:58:48
@HSE_HSeLanD To access and complete the new eLearning curse, search for ‘Introduction to Ethnic Equality Monitoring’ or access it through the Personal Effectiveness course catalogue on https://t.co/kuDCF9J9TJ @HSE_SI #EEM https://t.co/g0rXY89WaE https://t.co/qaZD1VjyuZ
2022-07-05 03:41:55
@HSE_HSeLanD Healthcare staff can gain 3 CEUs and 3 CPD credits by completing the new 'Making conversations easier' eLearning programme from @NHCProgramme on HSeLanD. Explore how to improve conversations with people who use our services. Access the #elearning at https://t.co/kuDCF9JHJh https://t.co/wjKHlkvDiY
2022-07-05 03:31:48
@HSE_HSeLanD Delighted with the feedback from the @eHealthIreland team and to lend our expertise that will provide a consistent standard of training for all users. https://t.co/JXbj1QmKbO
2022-07-04 01:25:10
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User Comments - 7

Annie Canning
3 weeks ago from Ireland

To whom it may concern
I am emailing on behalf of my grandmother, Bridget Thompson, who is having trouble logging into hseland.ie, in order to complete 3 courses that she has been requested to do, however when we tried logging into her account the website is saying her login details are incorrect, so I tried to reset her password for her but the website won’t take her email to reset the password either. We have got in touch with Rachel Harte and another girl called Abigail and have had no success in trying to sort the issue. I also phoned another party in Dublin trying to get some help but failed to get an answer from them after a few times of ringing. Emailing you was our only other option at this moment in time as we are trying our best to get the issue sorted as fast as possible in order for Bridget to complete her courses. I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me as soon as possible.

2 months ago from India

I can't login with same username d password which was used earlier for children first

Athira Bino
10 months ago from India

I cant not able to register in the website. Showing my email adress is not valid

Claire McCarthy
10 months ago

Can't log in on my hse laptop

Ramya Karippassery Sasi
11 months ago

While I am clicking "agree and continue"
there is an error

1 year ago

I m trying to do the children first module in HSE LANDS but difficult to get access.

Cherrygrace Halibas
1 year ago

Im not able to log in my account. Thnx


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