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Home | Isha Visit Planner

Isha Yoga Programs. Isha's powerful yoga programs, made available to people of all ages and cultures and from every walk of life, extend a rare opportunity ...

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Current opportunities at Isha Yoga Center: If you would like to apply for the above mentioned positions, please fill out the below form.

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Isha USA - Isha Foundation

Guided by Sadhguru, it is an essential resource for exploring the ancient science of yoga in all its depth and dimensions. The foundation offers a variety of ...

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Isha Foundation is a non-profit spiritual organization founded & guided by ... Log In. Sadhguru Exclusive Unseen Videos. When you are in touch with the soil ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book accommodation in Isha?

Isha Cottages are available by prior booking only. Since rooms are limited and demand high, it is highly recommended that you book at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit. If you plan on attending the Mahashivaratri celebrations in February/March each year, a minimum of six weeks notice is required.

Can I stay in Isha Foundation for free?

Isha Foundation
Isha Foundation is around 40 kilometres from Coimbatore and sits on the foothills of the Velliangiri mountains. This is the spiritual centre of Sadhguru which houses the magnificent statue of Adiyogi Shiva. If you are willing to volunteer at the centre, you can stay in its dormitory for free.

How can I go to Isha?

The Isha Yoga Center is situated west of Coimbatore city. Take the Perur/Siruvani road through Ukkadam from Coimbatore. Drive past Alandurai and arrive at Irutupallyam junction. Turn right from the main road.

Can we go to Isha Foundation now?

Those who wish to take part in Sadhanapada need to stay at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore for seven months, from Guru Purnima (July 2021) until Mahashivratri (February 2022). Participants, age 18 and above, from all walks of life, can participate in this offering.

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