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Disciplined 2 years ago

Manage and pay all of your chapter expenses in one place. Send payments for housing, events, vendor expenses and more – all from within greekbill. Write checks ...

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Organizer Iran - Khomein 2 years ago

Greekbill - Sigma Phi Epsilon

Greekbill provides a feature-rich software platform to SigEp chapters and AVCs to: Utilize the same username and password (FSID) as mySigEp and the BMP App ...

Outspoken Florianopolis, Brazil 2 years ago

Greekbill Login, Bill Payment & Customer Support Information

You can login to Greekbill online account by visiting this link and access all the features. Make sure you have an account already with them.

Editor Kraków, Poland 2 years ago

How to Manage your Auto Pay - greekbill

GreekBill Auto Pay is a convenient way to pay your bill every month. GreekBill will automatically withdraw your payment every month...

Informed St. John's, Canada 2 years ago

member login - Delta Gamma

log in. Click here to create a new account or reset your password. Quick Tools. Shop Delta Gamma. Recommendation Form. Foundation Video.

Legendary Ghana 2 years ago

Pay Now · Give to a Cause ... Contact: [email protected] ... Please check your statements or login to Billhighway to find out where your payments should ...

Organizer South East Asia 2 years ago

Pay Dues. Shop. Pi Phi Merchandise Official Jewelry · Login. Menu. About Us. About Pi Beta Phi Awards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Leadership Literacy ...

Reviewer Israel 2 years ago

Fee Structure & Finances | Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

"Using GreekBill was a great way to pay my fraternity dues without writing a obsolete check!" Martin Smith St. Cloud State University. "I'm a chapter president ...

Informed Osnabrück, Germany 2 years ago

Manage and Connect. Member engagement, safety & security, events management and financial activity are just a few of the features inside OmegaOne - the most ...

Legendary 2 years ago

GreekBill Information - RocketReach

Power up your marketing and get people to pay attention to your business, pursuit, or clients. Find prospects, develop your lists, and track your marketing ...

Legendary Livermore, CA 2 years ago

Theta Chi

The Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi provides scholarships to brothers pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees who demonstrate outstanding academic ...

Legendary 2 years ago

Foreign Relief Aid: 1947: Hearings Held in Executive ...
Announcer United Arab Emirates 1 year ago

Foreign Relief Assistance Act of 1948, Hearings Held in ...
Announcer St. Petersburg, Russia 1 year ago

Foreign Relief Assistance Act of 1948: Hearings Held in ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bill com a legitimate site?

The Bottom Line. is an excellent standalone accounting service with advanced accounts receivable and payable management, plus the ability to create multiple approval levels. No other service provides its set of features and sophisticated workflow.

What is Bill COM used for?

What is is a cloud-based payments platform that's changing the way businesses pay and get paid. cloud-based, online business payments solution It facilitates fast, secure ACH payments and automates approvals to cut time spent on tedious accounts payable jobs by 50% or more.

What kind of company is Bill com?


How do I get my money from Bill com?

How do I withdraw my funds from
  1. Select Withdraw on the Overview page.
  2. Select US Dollar balance or Canadian Dollar balance if you have funds available in each.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Enter the Withdrawal amount and select the Bank account. ...
  5. Select Withdrawal.

How much does greekbill cost?

How much does greekbill cost? Greekbill charges $18 per man per semester plus a 3.1% transaction fee on each payment that comes through the platform via credit card and a 1.1% transaction fee for members who set up their bank account for direct deposit and withdrawals.

How do I pay my greekbill dues?

Here's how to submit a payment from your dashboard:
  1. From your Dashboard, select an account and click on Make Payment. ...
  2. The Current Balance will be the default selection amount. ...
  3. Select your Payment Method to proceed to Check Out. ...
  4. Review Confirm Payment and click Submit Payment.

How do you make a greekbill account?

From the member portal, click on the Settings tab on the left-hand navigation menu. Next, select the Secondary User setting where you can add a new user by entering their Name and Email Address. You can also have E-Bills sent to the Secondary User's email address during each billing cycle.

How do I invoice on greekbill?

Here's how to Assign Charges:
  1. From your Admin Dashboard, click on Invoice on the left sidebar to go to the Invoice Overview.
  2. Select the Charges tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select your Charge. ...
  4. Review your Selected Charges. ...
  5. This page will display two tables where you select the members you want to assign the charges.

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@bhwy_greekbill What our clients say..“Billhighway’s team is phenomenal. I can always count on them for quick, top-notch service and sincere answers. Is there a problem they can’t solve? Thank you for all the help over the years – you are all awesome!” - Gamma Phi Beta #billhighway #gammaphibeta
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@bhwy_greekbill What our clients say...“I chose to work with Billhighway because of the level of controls they offer us at an executive level. We are now going to be able to oversee our chapters more efficiently.” - Sigma Phi Lambda Sorority #sorority #fraternity #billhighway #sigmaphilambda
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@bhwy_greekbill Membership dues act as a lifeline for sororities at the chapter and national levels. Greek organizations rely on member contributions to pay the bills. Learn more at #billhighway #sorority #sororitydues #dues #chapters #chapterfinances
2022-04-05 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill Electronic money is here to stay, and chapter members want to pay that way! Billhighway meets the demand for ever-growing cashless commerce with Anywhere for mobile payments. #billhighway #sorority #fraternity #dues #chapters #billhighwayanywhere
2022-04-01 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill What our clients say...“In our almost decade-long experience, Billhighway has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to provide a quality product with outstanding customer service.” - Phi Mu Fraternity #fraternity #sorority #billhighway #phimu
2022-03-30 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill Managing your sorority with spreadsheets, passbooks, and checkbooks consumes enormous time, causes confusion, and results in costly errors. Today all these activities happen seamlessly in Billhighway. #billhighway #sorority #sororitydues #sororityfinances
2022-03-24 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill Taxes…yes, we know it’s confusing, but we have you covered! As a non-profit, your chapter is likely exempt from filing federal income taxes, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Let's file taxes like a pro. We'll help!
2022-03-22 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill Don’t let your chapter taxes slip past you. We offer a simple solution to help file your chapter’s taxes without the hassle! Learn more at #greekbill #sorority #fraternity #taxes #taxseason #chapterleader #chapterofficer
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@bhwy_greekbill Running a chapter while balancing academics, career aspirations, internships and a social life can be challenging. Here’s some tips for staying on track mid semester.
2022-03-14 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill What our clients say...“Billhighway has transformed how our chapters record and account for their member fees. Beta closed its books last year with chapters having collected almost 100% of member dues at the local level!” - Beta Theta Pi Fraternity #fraternity #billhighway
2022-03-10 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill No organization wants to lose 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. Yet 80% of companies said they experienced fraud in past years! Fraud happens. Let's work to prevent it. Read how #billhighway #nonprofits #fraternity #sorority #chapters #fraud
2022-03-08 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill What our clients say...“Billhighway staff members are always willing to work with our organization to define the best training support methods.” - Alpha Sigma Tau #sorority #fraternity #billhighway #alphasigmatau #chapterofficer
2022-02-15 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill We’ve all seen headlines about embezzlement at local nonprofits. You can’t help thinking...How could they get away with it for so long? Let's prevent fraud before it starts with 990s. #billhighway #nonprofits #990s #fraud #chapters #fraternity #sorority
2022-02-09 00:00:00
@bhwy_greekbill Did all of your chapters file their 990s last year? Collecting 990s can prevent fraud, ensure your tax exempt status, and reduce financial risk. #fraternity #sorority #billhighway #greekbill #990s #nonprofit #chapter #chapterofficer #fraud #taxes
2022-02-07 05:03:11
@bhwy_greekbill If you’re a chapter officer looking for a solution to bill your members, manage your finances, and just make things easier – we have the right option for you! There’s no waiting to implement. #billhighway #greekbill #chapterofficer #sorority #fraternity
2022-02-04 12:01:19
@bhwy_greekbill "Working with greekbill to get our chapter reinstated as a tax-exempt organization was a great experience. They listed all the information I needed, sent samples of forms, and were very fast. I would definitely recommend using them to any chapter." - Sigma Phi Epsilon
2022-02-02 08:07:15
@bhwy_greekbill REMINDER: Greekbill has text message alerts! That's right - Members and parents are able to receive text message alerts for new invoices. And the best part is you can opt in or out. Learn more at #sorority #fraternity #greekbill #chapterofficer #nonprofit
2022-01-25 06:23:01
@bhwy_greekbill +62% of millennials use Peer to Peer (P2P) payment apps to send or receive money. If your chapter is using P2P payments, here's 8 not-so-chapter-friendly things to consider...
2022-01-20 12:00:52
@bhwy_greekbill Choose greekbill today and you can start using it tomorrow. Yeah, you read that right! There's no waiting to implement the solution. And the best part - single chapters don't need approval from Headquarters to start! Setup is quick and easy. Start today at
2022-01-13 05:45:06
@bhwy_greekbill Keeping virtual communication concise and clutter free is critical to keeping your audience attentive. Here are 3 simple ways to go virtual #chapter #chapterofficer #chapterleader #virtual #virtualchapter #fraternity #sorority #membership
2022-01-10 01:45:01
@bhwy_greekbill Hey chapter officers! We know the responsibilities of a chapter officer can feel daunting. Set yourself up for success with our best practices guide for the start of the semester. Download at
2022-01-05 08:43:00
@bhwy_greekbill Happy Holidays ❄️ We don’t know about you, but there is something in the air as 2021 comes to a close that leaves the team at Billhighway | greekbill hopeful for what’s to come in 2022 and beyond. Cheers to you and a new year together!
2021-12-29 04:02:26
@bhwy_greekbill Our team continues to be inspired by the incredible resilience we see from the fraternal community. Your ongoing commitment to the well-being of your chapters and dedication to advancing the member experience energizes our teams. Your Friends at Billhighway & greekbill 🤍
2021-12-23 01:01:39
@bhwy_greekbill We know recruitment can be an exciting but stressful time, so we’ve designed our chapter management tools to put the fun back into recruiting new members. #billhighway #greekbill #fraternity #sorority #recruitment #chaptermgmt #membership #recruitmembers
2021-12-14 01:01:26
@bhwy_greekbill We've been providing fraternity management software for headquarters, chapters, housing, and foundations since 1999. See what our solution can do for your organization! #billhighway #greekbill #fraternity #sorority #chapters #foundations #housing
2021-12-08 08:03:04
@bhwy_greekbill Run a house corporation and need a better way collect member payments, and pay vendors – we’ve got it covered. Demo our solution at #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterfinances #sororityhouse #fraternityhouse #housecorporation #housing
2021-10-28 10:30:09
@bhwy_greekbill Is a chapter’s budget allocated in the right way? Where is the chapter overspending or underinvesting? You can’t be the last to know if a chapter is going downhill. #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterfinances #finances #fintech #greekbill
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@bhwy_greekbill Chapter leadership duties is tough enough in the best of times, but during the pandemic...If only you could alleviate some of the stress. Spoiler: you can. #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterleaders #chapterfinances #finances #greekbill
2021-10-20 07:04:31
@bhwy_greekbill People are busier than ever! You don’t want to lose out on volunteers because you don't have opportunities that fit into their available time. Read more #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterleaders #finances #greekbill #volunteers
2021-10-18 03:02:38
@bhwy_greekbill Too many members don’t see their dues going as far as they could, and many decide not to join due to the cost. Let's focus on getting the most out of your dues! #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterfinances #finances #fintech #greekbill
2021-10-14 03:02:40
@bhwy_greekbill Continuously losing men during the new member process because they did not know how high the cost was going to be? It's time to be honest about dues in the beginning. #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterfinances #finances #fintech #greekbill
2021-10-12 04:03:42
@bhwy_greekbill Let's make your volunteer opportunities more attractive with tech! Here's 3 ways to engage with your volunteers through technology >> #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterleaders #chapterfinances #finances #fintech #greekbill #volunteers
2021-10-06 12:01:36
@bhwy_greekbill Check it out! We're sharing how to harness technology to build a community, share recognition, and create purposeful events for your volunteers. #fraternal #fraternity #sorority #chapter #chapterleaders #chapterfinances #finances #greekbill #volunteers
2021-10-04 05:05:16
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