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1. Nomnomnow.com
Guru Minnesota 10 months ago

Nom Nom is healthy, fresh food for dogs and cats formulated by top Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. Prepped in our kitchens with free delivery to ...

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2. Bloomberg.com
Teacher Sydney, Australia 10 months ago

Mars Direct-to-Consumer Pet-Food Brand Nom Nom


Consumer products giant Mars Inc. has agreed to acquire direct-to-consumer pet-food brand Nom Nom in a push to snap up pet-related assets.

3. Thefarmersdog.com
Populist Belgium 10 months ago

A smarter, healthier dog food: 100% human-grade food, pre-portioned and delivered to your door. Better for them & easier for you. Create your plan today!

4. Petfood.express
Populist Melbourne 10 months ago

Pet Food Express Delivery


Pet Food Express offers the best pet supplies and pet products and the best selection of natural and organic pet foods.

5. Jackinthebox.com
Editor Bangalore, India 10 months ago

Jack In The Box - Homepage


Jack in the Box Inc., based in San Diego, is a restaurant company that operates and franchises more than 2200 Jack in the Box restaurants and—through a ...

6. Consumerrating.org
Refiner 10 months ago

Nom Nom: Dog and Cat Food Review | Consumer Rating


Nom Nom Dog Food Review. With pre-portioned, “restaurant-quality” meals made from recognizable ingredients like poultry, beef and vegetables, Nom Nom makes it ...

7. Nomnomnw.com
Legendary Kümmersbruck, Germany 10 months ago



NOM NOM | Restaurant and Grill | 801 C Street, Vancouver, WA 98660.

8. Boughtbymany.com
Populist India 9 months ago

Get a quote to compare prices and policies that no other insurer has. See why pet owners voted Bought By Many the most trusted cat & dog insurance provider ...

9. Tufts.edu
Teacher São Paulo 9 months ago

Nom Nom, Small Animal Nutritionist/Nutrition Scientist


Founded in 2015, Nom Nom is a well-funded pet health company, ... Our current products include fresh, human-grade pet food made-to-order in house and ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Has Nom Nom dog food been recalled?

“The recall is being initiated as a precautionary measure and in keeping with our commitment to food safety,” Nom Nom explained in its email. “This is our first recall in the six-year history of our company and the result of a recall by one of our suppliers of human-grade ingredients.”

How long does Nom Nom dog food last?

Nom Nom's meals arrive in an insulated cardboard box with ice packs to keep the food cool. Once you get them you can transfer most of them to the freezer where they will keep for 3 months. The meals also last for 8 days in the fridge.

How much does nom nom now cost?

Your price may vary based on your dog's breed, age, weight, and level of activity. Nom Nom states that most dog owners will pay $5–$6.50 per day for a 30lb dog.
How much does NomNomNow cost?
How much does Nom Nom Now cost? 170 lb. English Mastiff
Per meal $10.65
Per day $21.30
Per month $596.32

Who is Nom Nom owned by?

Nate Phillips - Co-Founder & CEO - Nom Nom | LinkedIn.

Where is Nom Nom food made?

Nom Nom dog food contains the necessary nutrients and vitamins to keep your companion fit and energized. Each recipe is created in accordance with nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. All of the ingredients are sustainably sourced and grown in the USA.

Does Nom Nom food need to be refrigerated?

Does Nom Nom dog food have to be refrigerated? If your dog isn't consuming their Nom Nom food soon, you will need to store them in the freezer for them to stay fresh for several months. You can defrost the food in the refrigerator 24 hours before serving.

Has Nom Nom had any recalls?

The Nom Nom cat food recall is a voluntary recall being done by the company because of a recall issued by their supplier, Tyson Foods Inc. Certain chicken products produced by Tyson are potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

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