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1. Oshatrain.org
Legendary New Jersey 2 years ago

Student Services - OSHAcademy


You can login to your student account and view your personal dashboard. Validate your training certificates or request a student transcript.

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2. Osha.com
Informed Oakland, CA 2 years ago

Student Login Page - OSHA.com


Returning students can use the form below to log in and access online Osha.com courses.

3. Oshacademy-atp.com
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Select Language ▽. Login. Username. Password. Login ». Stay logged in. Copyright 2022 OSHAcademy Safety and Health Training. All Rights Reserved.

4. Browardschools.com
Reviewer Hamburg, Germany 1 year ago

Step 1- Oshatrain.org Open Google Chrome (or another ...


Click on 'STUDENT LOGIN' which is located on the top right of the screen. ... OSHAcademy does not allow students to retake course exams already submitted.

5. Columbiasouthern.edu
Outspoken 1 year ago

OSHAcademy | Columbia Southern University


CSU is proud to offer OSHAcademy students and their immediate family members a 10% tuition discount. Learning Partner members and employees are eligible to ...

6. Hseblog.com
Teacher 1 year ago

OSHAcademy provides free access to our occupational safety and health training ... OSHAcademy only charges a small fee to document a student's training.

7. Oshacampusonline.com
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Login | OSHA Campus Online


Returning Students Login Here: Important Announcement: We recently upgraded our online training provider. Our courses provide you with:.

8. Ehs-academy.com
Legendary Hungen, Germany 1 year ago

Training Services - Associations - OSHAcademy - USA - EHS ...


Since 2011, Geigle Safety Group has experienced strong growth and continues to develop occupational safety and health courses to meet student needs.

9. Google.com
Outspoken Pune, India 1 year ago

Home - Google Sites


You are not required to create a Student Login or complete the final exam provided by OSHAcademy. Please complete the quiz managed by Dream Team Pizza by ...

10. Slideshare.net
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OSHAcademy Student Transcript - SlideShare


Title Slide of OSHAcademy Student Transcript. ... Submit Search. Upload · Login · Signup · SlideShare · Home · Explore · Login · Signup.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TRAIN org?

TRAIN is a free service for learners from the Public Health Foundation. CDC TRAIN provides access to more than 1,000 courses developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) programs, grantees, and other funded partners.

What is Train website?

The TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network, or TRAIN, is the nation's premier learning resource for professionals who protect the public's health. TRAIN is comprised of the national www.train.org site and participating TRAIN affiliate sites.

What is train LMS?

Often called an LMS for short, a learning management system is a software application that provides the framework that handles all aspects of the learning process – it's where you house, deliver, and track your training content.

What is state of Texas Train website?

In Texas, this is Texas TRAIN and is accessed via https://tx.train.org.

Can I do my HSE online?

Study online, in your workplace, at a training centre or live online. There is a choice of learning options for each of our courses so that you can choose the one that most suits your needs.

How do I verify my OSHA 10 card?

Each authorized OSHA outreach trainer is required to maintain records on their training for a period of five years. If it is a plastic Outreach Training Program student or trainer card, scan the QR code on the back of the card to verify the training.

What are the best safety certifications to have?

Best Safety Certifications
  1. Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) ...
  2. Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), American Board of Industrial Hygiene (AIBH) ...
  3. Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM), Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM)

How do I get my OSHA certificate?

In most cases, employers who prefer or require this certification are looking for applicants with an official OSHA 30 card from the Department of Labor. You can earn this DOL card online after completing a 30-hour OSHA Outreach course in construction or general industry.

Recent Tweets By oshacademy

@OSHAcademy Wearing the wrong glove in cold and harsh environments is often dangerous and can hinder productivity and job satisfaction. https://t.co/56IqISx2Gr
2023-01-26 04:04:08
@OSHAcademy An English woman tried to clear a blockage in a machine when it dragged her hand into it, resulting in life-changing injuries. Read more: https://t.co/mDT4sKHSfg https://t.co/ExX11xwkux
2023-01-25 06:03:24
@OSHAcademy How can undiagnosed sleep apnea affect the workplace? https://t.co/v7lTSX5apu
2023-01-25 02:03:33
@OSHAcademy Deadline Approaching for Specific Employers to Submit 2022 Workplace Injury, Illness Data https://t.co/6WS47oiWwA
2023-01-24 06:03:18
@OSHAcademy HAZWOPER training applies to any employees exposed to hazardous substances and engaged in several operations, including clean-up, treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste. Learn more in this month's "Safety Spotlight." https://t.co/ZjBCDMilOj https://t.co/THEpTnPYM2
2023-01-24 06:03:17
@OSHAcademy Hearing loss continues to be prevalent in work-related environments, yet this loss is 100 percent preventable. https://t.co/P1EGDsARq9
2023-01-23 08:02:26
@OSHAcademy Creating a Safety Culture on the Jobsite https://t.co/MtG9AaVpmv
2023-01-23 02:03:34
@OSHAcademy Workers in specific industries and jobs at higher risk of dying from COPD: https://t.co/YeZNO0uMtm
2023-01-20 12:02:22
@OSHAcademy A 2021 maritime incident involving the collision of two vessels, with three injuries and $7.9 million in damages, makes for a good lesson in why situational awareness is important. https://t.co/7RqxqNgPuL
2023-01-20 12:02:21
@OSHAcademy Can apprentice training improve workplace safety? A new study published late last year shows that there may be a relationship. https://t.co/mPiksoPO1F
2023-01-20 02:04:23
@OSHAcademy How to Properly Store and Label Hazardous Substances https://t.co/8A6CvCt3ku
2023-01-19 04:04:05
@OSHAcademy In your opinion, what's the most significant issue safety people find challenging? Share in the comments.
2023-01-18 08:02:46
@OSHAcademy Safety training: The best way to boost productivity, save money, and reduce downtime. https://t.co/KBsDrH4Pjr
2023-01-18 06:03:31
@OSHAcademy As part of ongoing investigations, OSHA cited Amazon today for ergonomic hazards at warehouses in Florida, Illinois, and New York, as well as struck-by hazards at the Florida location. https://t.co/ZT9fScEhCM https://t.co/mYAAKWp8WR
2023-01-18 03:48:27
@OSHAcademy Mental health and workplace safety: Is there a connection? https://t.co/90vtabaXnh
2023-01-17 06:03:22
@OSHAcademy Safety Guidelines: Eight Tips For a Safer Workplace https://t.co/LULVLK7Fqy
2023-01-16 08:02:17
@OSHAcademy The key to a successful workplace safety program is effective communication. OSHAcademy's Safety Committee Handbook looks at forming a committee, assessing and evaluating its effectiveness, recommending changes to increase workplace safety, and more. https://t.co/x4BIBAVIQx https://t.co/uBxEfzjA3l
2023-01-16 02:05:24
@OSHAcademy Robots can help reduce ergonomic risks and environmental hazards in the warehouse. https://t.co/DfMr8vR5cQ
2023-01-13 12:02:38
@OSHAcademy Exposure to dust and fumes from common workplace agents such as vapors, gases and solvents may increase workers’ risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. https://t.co/5XwhyJQzK2
2023-01-13 04:04:19
@OSHAcademy Virtual reality provides opportunities for employees to become familiar with a work environment before they ever set foot inside. https://t.co/DvL8Xhm5Ys
2023-01-12 05:02:36
@OSHAcademy Radioactive contamination and radiation exposure can occur in healthcare if radioactive materials are released into the environment. Learn more in OSHAcademy course 183 Healthcare: Radiation Safety. https://t.co/kveOcNwIV7 https://t.co/F97bkShJ6Q
2023-01-09 02:03:26
@OSHAcademy OSHA's most interesting cases: What happened – and lessons learned. https://t.co/iqK8PKcRru
2023-01-06 02:03:39
@OSHAcademy 7 Reasons Even the Smallest Offices Need a Fire Safety Plan https://t.co/gEHMLWbEmz Check out OSHAcademy course 107 Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans for more information: https://t.co/1J133r9BX3 https://t.co/YBal7l2ZFW
2023-01-06 01:28:30
@OSHAcademy Texas Company Faces $250K in Proposed Penalties After Two Workers Die from Trench Collapse https://t.co/W7TjlNcu0q
2023-01-05 02:03:05
@OSHAcademy Nearly a quarter of workers worldwide have endured workplace violence or harassment, but only half of the victims discuss their experiences. https://t.co/6GxAMhky9J
2023-01-04 06:03:08
@OSHAcademy Why Training is Still one of the Best Ways to Prevent Falls https://t.co/Z5p8yPAFRK
2023-01-04 06:03:08
@OSHAcademy Trench-related deaths were on the rise in the first six months of 2022. https://t.co/7TN1IcTd9g
2023-01-04 04:04:01
@OSHAcademy Six safety issues led to the Husky Superior Refinery explosion that injured 36 workers in 2018. https://t.co/kB6urcCDFF
2023-01-04 04:03:51
@OSHAcademy The Fire Tetrahedron model is a four-sided geometric representation of the four factors necessary for fire. Learn more in OSHAcademy course 718 Fire Prevention Plans. https://t.co/YlIKNHUaSB https://t.co/h5Ou9VfQOn
2023-01-03 06:00:11
@OSHAcademy OSHA mandates HAZWOPER courses to ensure people who work with hazardous materials are safe, but there are multiple HAZWOPER training levels. Learn more in this month's "Safety Spotlight." https://t.co/2FbTGO5GqN https://t.co/b86mz0Zrxg
2023-01-03 04:03:29
@OSHAcademy Working extended or irregular shifts can lead to problems for workers, but there are ways employers can make their jobs safer. https://t.co/AKJlIa43rB
2023-01-02 08:01:40
@OSHAcademy Almost One in Five Surveyed Workers Rate Their Mental Health as “Fair” or “Poor” https://t.co/emAMemLDrG
2022-12-30 12:01:54
@OSHAcademy A Glance at Safety Bills Proposed, Passed in 2022: What steps are governments taking to protect workers? https://t.co/pzme3EqV4A
2022-12-29 06:03:01
@OSHAcademy On this day in 1970, President Richard Nixon signed the OSH Act into law. Take a step back in time and read more about this landmark legislation. https://t.co/cJoiQxgADw https://t.co/mOnZ2F0OFr
2022-12-29 04:15:58
@OSHAcademy People who cannot work because of a disabling on-the-job injury or illness are at greater risk for suicide or self-harm. https://t.co/k8jQwVpoy2
2022-12-29 02:03:01
@OSHAcademy @DeanMichaelEls1 We do not, but here is a link to the BCSP for information: https://t.co/hWGmj5caUh
2022-12-28 07:09:04
@OSHAcademy What Neuroscience Says About Hybrid Work: Studies are looking at what's happening in employees' brains when they perform tasks in different locations. https://t.co/OLNKr2l8Ba
2022-12-28 06:03:00
@OSHAcademy Although spending time on work-related activities while on vacation can help reduce your anxiety levels when returning to the job, but it also impairs recovery from exhaustion. https://t.co/AVf8dIIf1o
2022-12-28 04:03:34
@OSHAcademy Multiple process safety issues caused a 2018 fire that injured 23 workers in Texas. https://t.co/mEWSFd2iiQ
2022-12-27 06:02:51
@OSHAcademy Key relationships for the safety pro: Who do you need to know at work? https://t.co/XIYfIYKm7v
2022-12-27 04:03:11
@OSHAcademy We appreciate all our students' great feedback about our courses and programs. Read what our students are saying about our training: https://t.co/Mlmu8jCiU5 https://t.co/rZLGZ8JhLx
2022-12-26 08:01:55
@OSHAcademy Drone use in construction can distract workers and increase the risk of falls: https://t.co/JjPz9cyNTM
2022-12-26 02:03:04
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Happy Holidays from OSHAcademy! Have a safe holiday! https://t.co/wRX2UGlvNM
2022-12-25 06:01:58
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Respiratory hazards include harmful substances and below-normal oxygen concentrations in the air we breathe. Learn more about the use of respirators: https://t.co/2yMenk94Fe https://t.co/OD8jtwfZoP
2022-12-24 06:02:06
@OSHAcademy With large parts of the U.S. facing frigid temperatures, dangerous health risks like hypothermia and frostbite can happen quickly. Stay safe in the cold weather—learn what symptoms to watch out for and how to treat them: https://t.co/pKv2jV7tN3 https://t.co/3XPiiielzK
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from these preventable injuries. Learn More: https://t.co/7q0rKMskR2 https://t.co/mV0Vwh05JE
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy Fatal Work Injuries in 2021 Up Almost Nine Percent from 2020 https://t.co/zYf3YpFxT0
2022-12-23 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy OSHA is reminding employers of the upcoming window to submit 2022 Form 300A data. https://t.co/MIQmE6gDzk
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Personal protective equipment (PPE) is protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect employees from injury or infection. Learn More: https://t.co/V03bV2AcDP https://t.co/SkIz6Mv4zn
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy Inspections at six Amazon warehouse facilities across the U.S. have resulted in citations for violations relating to recordkeeping. https://t.co/FUYlAtHnIC
2022-12-22 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Forklifts are powerful tools that allow your workers to quickly shift and move loads in warehouses, industrial plants, and more. But they can be dangerous when they are misused. Learn More: https://t.co/8vYDw9buau https://t.co/n3GnNmVBm4
2022-12-21 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Stairways and ladders are a major source of injuries and fatalities among workers. Learn More: https://t.co/qT8sMbB4LN https://t.co/uTMEV5m4pf
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy Improve Company Culture by Protecting Your People with Workforce Wearables https://t.co/qJ84ylVpMP
2022-12-20 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders are caused or made worse by the work environment. Learn More: https://t.co/sIXnoZCV6a https://t.co/ga8qvhWK3O
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the 2021 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries on December 16, and the news was not good. https://t.co/a3CyHq50DT
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy How Can Distracted Driving Affect Occupational Safety? https://t.co/eeUSTIJfPk
2022-12-19 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: Everyone in the workplace, from top management to each employee, has a personal responsibility for safety and a role to play in preventing falls. Learn More: https://t.co/AJANXUv7Tm https://t.co/jVTPUtn2sK
2022-12-18 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy 12 Days of Safety: More than 30 million workers are potentially exposed to one or more chemical hazards. This poses a serious problem for exposed workers and their employers. Learn More: https://t.co/33OPjB8xZ7 https://t.co/TRpUCToLLP
2022-12-17 00:00:00
@OSHAcademy Training workers and preparing for emergencies are just two ways employers can keep employees safe in cold temperatures. https://t.co/1C9HymEGzb
2022-12-16 04:04:14
@OSHAcademy #FridayFail: Would you let your co-worker do this? https://t.co/ayFx5n5ZQb
2022-12-16 00:00:00
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