Single Login Page For Multiple User In C#

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Mar 10, 22 (Updated: Mar 20, 22)

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Outspoken 1 year ago

User Login & Registration: can't register more than one user in C

One reason this doesn't work with multiple users is the logical structure of the login function. while(!feof(fp)) { fread(&w[i],sizeof(w[i]) ...

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Scholar Israel 1 year ago

Single Login page for multiple user in c#

For All user single login page ----------------------------- if user 1001 logon then it shoul go to "Admin.aspx" If User 1002 logon then it ...

Critic Barcelona, Spain 1 year ago

How can I create a login system in C? - Quora

If really want to make a login page then use a database eg SQL to fetch correct user name and password and print your msg. And do always keep learning… 2.6K ...

Guru Canada 1 year ago

How to make a single login page for multiple users based on ...

create a table in your database. Insert User details with designation(i.e Role, you can check this on login screen, while you check for username and password) ...

Explainer Palo Alto, CA 1 year ago

Multi-User Login and Authentication Code - CodeProject

Login Page --> After entering correct username and password opens ... page (i.e. protected.asp, in this case) and the user visits one of the ...

Outspoken Ljubljana, Slovenia 1 year ago

Login system with multiple users - C++ Forum

My program will check the username and password of one user, but once I create a new account, it will only accept login information of the ...


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